Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{playing dress up}

Today I'm sharing two things with of which I'm excited about and the other...well...I guess I should be?

1. new thrifted finds
2. laugh lines

The first of course is thrilling for me. I absolutely love finding new thrifted treasures. This past week I wore a new gray chambray shirt and a super cozy black cardigan that I found at our local consignment store. Both are great new staples to add to my wardrobe.

And now for those laugh lines. When you get to my last outfit today you'll see what I'm talking about. Now I know I am 34 and this is what happens when we age. AND I guess this is a sign that I smile and laugh a lot, right? So I should be happy about those little parentheses on either side of my grin, right?


Or I guess one other option is to stop smiling but that wouldn't be fun for anyone.

Soooo...laugh lines it is! :)

Here are my outfits from this week so far...

 Old Navy {men's} sweater // Meijer top // Kohl's boots & boot socks

Forever 21 necklace // Crochet flower from Raising Up Rubies

 Thrifted top // Walmart skirt // Target boots

Groopdealz necklace & earrings

Thrifted sweater & cords // maurices top & flats

The Bird's Papaya necklace // Kohl's earrings

Oh and what about those laugh lines? They are pretty darn hard to miss.

Let me help you out just in case...

Yep. No denying them...I tried a few photo filters and there's no hope. 

I need to embrace them, right? A sign of a happy life? :) 

What features are you embracing right now?

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~julee~ said...

Great thrifty finds! Laugh lines are the sign of a joyous life - keep on smiling!

Kathleen said...

ooooh what great finds!! I know you'll be wearing the chambray top so creatively.

I'm embracing my glasses. This is the first year that I've worn them a few days each week. The adjustment has been annoying, but my eyes do feel better.

Denise said...

cute finds.

i read last week that when we see aging lines we should be grateful that we have the opportunity to age. i'm TRYING to embrace that this week, while disliking the lines around my eyes.

Merry Christmas.

CC said...

Love your outfits! ;) And your 'laugh lines' are as lovely as the rest of you! Keep smiling. :)

Ryan Wenstrup-Moore said...

Love those grey tights! Laughing a lot is a good thing, right?

✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

jaime ♥ raising up rubies said...

girlie girl... you are be.u.ti.ful!!
and lovin' the "smile lines" ♥ Merry Christmas!


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