Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{playing dress up}

I go through cycles with this WIWW thing.

Some days I really enjoy sharing my outfits with you. And then there are days when I feel like a complete narcissist and wonder why I keep doing this.

I was feeling like that today when I was chatting with a friend about the blog. {Who reassured me that I didn't appear like a total narcissist...thank you Jessica!} After our conversation, I started thinking about why I actually do these posts. I never intended for This Girl's Life to become a fashion blog.

I'm not a model by any means. I don't wear the fanciest name brands and trends.

Let's face it...I'm no Kendi. {she is on a whole other fabulous fashion level}

I do repeat the same outfits and wear the same pieces on most weeks. And some days I don't think my ensembles are really worth sharing.

So why do I do this? 

I'm just an average girl. I'm a size 10/12. I'm a mom. I'm on a tight budget. I'm in my mid 30's and work in an average office job. And I know a lot of you can relate to that. That's why you read This Girl's Life, right?

I do this because I love putting together great outfits that are easily accessible and wearable for the average woman.

I do this because I have a new found love obsession for thrifting and love the thrill of finding great pieces for next to nothing.

I do this because I want to show other busy, working, on a budget women/moms that they can put together a fun and flattering wardrobe without breaking the bank.

So here we are! And I guess I need to start embracing the fact that this is sorta of kind of a fashion blog. {and you can vote for me here!}

So here are my outfits from the past week...

My first outfit is a great example of what you can find thrifting. My sweater, cords and flats are all from the same local consignment store...

Flower necklace from The Bird's Papaya


Kohl's tops & necklace  // Sears skirt // Target boots

This next outfit was my favorite of the week and SO comfortable. The hi-low top and cords are recent TJ Maxx purchases and the black tee is from Kohl's {softest fabric ever!}

TJ Maxx hi-low top & cords // Kohl's ls tee & necklace // maurices flats

And this next outfit might give turquoise + mustard a run for its money in the favorite color combo contest. Oh AND the sweater & skirt are both Goodwill finds! The sweater is Elle brand from Kohl's and the skirt is from Gap...

 Thrifted sweater & skirt // Kohl's tights & boots

Necklace from my friend Shannon

Thrifted chambray top & Gap cardigan // TJ Maxx cords // Target boots

Groopdealz necklace

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Ashley said...

Love how you wore the purple and yellow together!

See, that's why we do this...(this is a pep talk when you're feeling narcissist)...because most of us are moms on a tight budget...so we have to help each other out!! :-)

Kathleen said...

I love all your reasons and many of them are why I follow you - you wear brands that I think most of us can afford and you wear pieces in different ways to get the most use of them. I honestly don't follow as many high-end wearin' bloggers anymore (used to read some Jcrew and Anthropologie blogs) because it seemed like it was about collecting the hot items rather than buying what I can afford and wearing what I like. I was getting too jealous. Or running to Jcrew to find that jacket that everyone seemed to wear. It was a little sad...

But, back to you and your wonderful sense of fashion. I love the grey cords and nude flats. Seriously, the flats are a crazy great find. And I love the purple sweater. It's a gorgeous color on you.

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Hey! Im stopping by from Rae Gun Ramblings link up! New follower!

I love what you wrote. It can feel so strange to always be taking photos of yourself. I never thought I would have a "fashion" blog... As I dont shop high end either! LOL

But Last year I started a weight loss journey (and shared on my blog) and started taking pictures for that... Which sort of just morphed into fashion posts. Im still not the most comfortable in front of a camera (rather be behind it!) but I have definitely come to love the fashion posts on my blog and so much on other peoples blogs too!

Seeing everyone's taste, and the way they style themselves, and what they wear -whether expensive or thrifting is always interesting (to me at least!) :)

So dont feel narcissistic, you are right on for your reasons for sharing! And you are just too cute also!

I LOVE the boots from outfit 2, and the purple and yellow in #4!


Anonymous said...

You look good in purple! Cute outfits.

I pretty much share my outfit photos for the very same reasons.


Sarah S. said...

Hi....found your blog through the pleated poppy linkup and I'm loving it so far.
I love this post: Im not a fashion blogger either but it's fun to document your outfits every now and then, and I love all your points about why you post outfits.
I love your about page: my husband is also a stay at home dad, while I work full time.
newest GFC follower here. Looking forward to reading more.

Carly said...

Great finds and I appreciate your explanation! I think I may need to write a "why" post myself...some similar reasons and some different ones for me, but this got me thinking! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Like the purple on you.

Rubi Ruiz said...

I love that you wear a statement necklace with nearly every outfit! So pretty! I especially liked the purple and yellow combo! Stopping by from What I Wore.



Natalia Lynn said...

I totally agree with you! I feel the same way. I'm totally not 'fashionable' I don't have a ton of clothes, actually, I have very little! But it's fun & I'm normal & like you said, people can relate to that! Glad you linked up again! I would love it if you were able to link back to our site as well! Thanks! :)

Amanda Cobb said...

I have days/weeks like that, too, where I wonder if I'm just being completely self-absorbed and narcissistic for doing outfit posts. And a lot of my reasons are the same as yours (just average fashion, on a budget, etc.) and also because it's a way/excuse to play around with my wardrobe and document what I like, what works, what doesn't. It can be weird trying to explain it to a non-blogger, though.

I love all the different necklaces you were sporting this week! :)

Jodi said...

Have I told you I need that chambray shirt? I do! And all your necklaces!! :)

Miriam said...

cute shoes and great necklaces as always! Thanks for being a wardrobe Weds player this week.

Nikki said...

I think you did a great job with your fashion choices, on a budget and all! It's hard not to get discouraged but the fact that you put yourself out there - well that is what people want to see! I like Outfit #5 the best - chambrays are so much fun! You look great in all of them!! :) Found you via the Copy Cat Closet linkup.
Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

Penniless Socialite said...

I post photos of myself 3-4 times a week...your narcissism pales in comparison to mine...haha. I love seeing other ladies' outfits. It gives me inspiration. Keep it up!
Thanks for linking up.
Penniless Socialite
Massive Group Giveaway!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm so glad you keep doing this. I love your blog and outfits and enjoy seeing them. I've truly thought of doing it too but I'm a weenie. So that's to say I think that it's brave to put yourself out there. And you always look great. I'm drooling over that groopdealz necklace.

Danielle Combs said...

I think you have great style and you're inspirational. Considering I go to work in my pj's and spend most of my days at home...in pjs...well, I could always use a little inspiration for those days I'm venturing out into the world on an adventure...sometimes I feel like I forget how to put together any outfit that doesn't involve flannel pj pants/ yoga pants, tank tops and hoodies.

CC said...

I love outfit #5! So cute with the matching tights and top. ;)


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