Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{playing dress up}

I've started drawing again...mostly doodles. 

I shared this one on my Instagram yesterday and was really happy to see that it resonated with so many of my friends. In today's world of social media it is SO easy to compare ourselves to others and I know I have days when I'm horrible with that. 

But we aren't them and we never will be. 

YOU are YOU.

So be the best one you can be, right?

And the way we dress is a big part of that. It can show the world a lot about who we are. For the first time in a long time {maybe ever} I feel like the way I'm dressing is truly reflecting who I am and I'm having so much fun with it!

And did you notice something different in that last outfit? Yep...I got new glasses! 

A few weeks back I asked for help picking from two Warby Parker frames...

And I ended up going with the ones on the left. I absolutely love them, although it is taking a bit of getting used previous frames were going on 6 years!

Since I wear glasses every day this was a big decision...they are a part of my identity in a lot of ways. 

Do you feel like you know your style? If you don't, I encourage you to give it some thought. What colors make you happy? What silhouettes make you feel the most comfortable and the most attractive? What hobbies and interests do you have that can spill over into your wardrobe?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Paige said...

I just recently got new glasses too. I love yours! Very nice frame for your face :)

DianeTaylor said...

LOVE the glasses Mandy!!! And I think you are swesome to link up week after week after week with all your outfits. It shows that you are really comfortable in your own skin. I cannot say the same for me :( But that's ok too. I am who I am. And the important people in my life accept me and love me just the way I am.

Keep it up!!!!

xxoo - Diane

Kathleen said...

I couldn't agree more - watching your style change and evolve over the past years into "you" is super cool.

I love the new glasses, great choice! And I love you in mint. Such a lovely color with your skin.

Rachel said...

That first outfit is my favorite--it looks like you had a lot of fun putting it together!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Love your new specs!

Jodi said...

Love the new glasses! So cute and in style right now. Love your cute leggings outfits too :)

Kelley @ said...

I love your outfit posts! They truly show your personality and who you are! Such a great post Mandy! You are the best you.. ever! :)

Collette Casey said...

I love your new glasses, I am also in need of a cute new pair. That gold necklace is super cute, where did you find it?

Suzanne said...

I got a new pair of glasses in Philadelphia, and they are so central to my identity. The color and shape of the frames is just as important as my clothes!


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