Wednesday, July 03, 2013

{playing dress up}

It has been a bad self-talk week for me so far.

You know those days when the little {or sometimes humongous} voices inside keep saying things like, "You're too fat to wear that" and "You aren't talented" and "Nobody cares about the things you're doing."


I hate those voices.

But I'm doing my best to push them aside and do my thing anyway. I didn't even want to take an outfit photo this morning but it is Wednesday and I wanted to share for WIWW because most of the time I enjoy it.

So I ran outside on our patio before I left for work, set the timer on my phone, and this lovely photo looked back at me...

I see ME in this photo. And I feel better about ME.

Sometimes we have to look really close to see who we truly are. 

And now for the rest of my outfit...

Top >>> TJ Maxx

Skirt >>> Thrifted @ Goodwill
Tights & Sandals >>> Target
Necklace >>> Forever 21 piece refashioned by me
Glasses >>> Warby Parker

So here's to throwing those negative voices out of our sacred space and doing our thing anyway!

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Ania said...

Such a great picture of you. I love the outfit and can totally relate to the negative commentary in your head.


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