Tuesday, March 05, 2013

{tear-filled laughter}

He texted me with a spin off of one of our favorite Seinfeld quotes...

"Feels like an Arby's lunch."

If you aren't familiar with the quote...

And so we had a lunch date.

They have been few and far between since we became parents. Just the two of us enjoying lunch together {even if it is just a roast beef sandwich and curly fries}.

He picked me up from work and off we went.

After we ordered I picked a table right next to two elderly gentlemen. They looked like the kind of guys that frequent that same little table at the same time every day, to chat about all of the news going on in their lives.

Not too long after we sat down to eat, we were sucked into their conversation.

Not because we were being nosy, but because one of them was talking REALLY loudly.

Actually, he seemed to be the only one talking. The other gentleman just threw in a nod and an "uh-huh" every now and again.

None of their conversation was particularly funny, but for some reason, a certain part of it hit both of our funny bones like a home run ball off of a wooden bat {baseball reference for the hubby}.

He was talking about church and something about candle wax... and how he almost got wax all over his brand new sports coat.

"I wouldn't have been a happy camper!" he said. 

Well that was IT for us.

I looked over at Dan and he had tears streaming down his face, his shoulders pumping up and down the way they tend to do when a fit of uncontrollable laughter hits.

And then it transferred over to me. The kind of laughter that pushes any negative, crappy thoughts or mood you were experiencing at the time directly out of your body through every possible pore.

Both of our eyes were cloudy with tears.

My napkin had both remnants of ketchup and mascara.

That was some majorly healing laughter, friends. I haven't seen my hubby laugh that hard in I don't know how long. It did my heart SO much good.

And the moody tiredness I entered that Arby's with had completely left my body by the time we headed back out into the parking lot.

I looked over at him and said, "Laughter is good medicine." And it was just what we both needed today.

Here is a little printable I made if you would like to keep this reminder close by...

                      *click on the image to download*

I hope your day includes some tear-filled laughter friends!

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Crafts a la Mode said...

I remember when I was a teenager and my girlfriend and I were in church and we got to giggling. Our bodies were shaking with laughter and once in a while a snort would sneak out. Too funny. I'd love to have you join What to do Weekends Party on my blog. This is classic humor. I followed you also on several different platforms. Best wishes for a happy weekend. Linda


Kim said...

The printable link for your Prov 17:22 design is not working. :( New to your blag and Facebook page - love them! thank you

Kim said...

blog...not blag hahaha Will check for the link again later. Still not working. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


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