Friday, February 19, 2010

{20 1/2 months}

So the boys aren't at a major milestone age-wise right now but I feel like every day is a major milestone with all of the new things they are doing! So I wanted to do a "let me tell you all the fun stuff my kids can do" post mostly for myself but if anyone wants to indulge me please keep reading.

First of all, they wake up very differently these days.

Landon is Mr. Happy Face (this picture melts my heart by the way)

102_5462 by you.

And Ben is Mr. Cranky Pants (we'll blame that on teething)

102_5457 by you.

Landon is OBSESSED with phones, mainly cell phones but he doesn't discriminate. He'll pretend talk on any phone, or a remote control, or their play set of keys is also a respectable stand-in.

Amazingly I couldn't find a picture of Landon talking on the phone, so I'll just substitute one of Ben, who is also mildly obsessed with them...(and check out his rockin' mohawk!)

102_5469 by you.

Ben is our little dancer. He loves music and can head bob and bounce with the best of them. Here he is in action but don't blink because he's also a sporadic dancer. (if you listen closely you can also hear Landon say "happy" which is the cutest thing I've ever heard come out of anyone's mouth.)

Both the boys love to pretend clean, especially when mom or dad (usually dad) has the vacuum out.

102_5481 by you.

They both also love the shark...look at those muscles!

hunky handyman by you.

Ben will push the vacuum attachment around and make vacuum noises - so adorable. (and yes, he is wearing two different shoes. We do that a lot these days.)

Cleaning and wearing 2 different shoes by you.

They each have an empty spray bottle too, and like to pretend to clean random things and make spraying noises while doing so. We really are just training them for the real thing in a few years. No more cleaning for mom and dad!

They are both doing really well feeding themselves and have even got the hang of eating a sandwich which is pretty dang cute. My mother-in-law got them a table and chairs set and I can't believe they are old enough to sit there and eat...such big boys!

Big boys by you.

Landon's vocabulary is really taking off! He can say...

  • hi
  • bye
  • happy
  • ice
  • ball
  • night-night (more like ni-ni)
  • bubba (for brother)
  • hot (more like ha)
He can sound out a lot of words if we say them to him a few times, and he can point out and say a few letters too!

Ben is a little behind his "big" brother on the talking thing, but that has been his norm with everything, so we aren't worried. The words he can spit out right now include...

  • hi
  • bye
  • hot (also more like ha)
  • bubba
  • night-night
  • ball (more like ba)
Benny can also point out/recognize a few letters

They are turning into such characters and I'm loving being a mom more and more every day.

And speaking of cute is another one that I'm completely in love with...

My chunky, hunky nephew Noah James...

happy boy by you.


I'm one lucky lady.


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