Monday, June 25, 2007

{family fun}

We had such a great weekend. It started early because Dan and I both had Friday off. We made a trip to Target since we hardly ever get to shop there anymore so that was fun (we are easily entertained :), and had dinner with my parents at Little Sheba's. They got their new car on Friday so they were really excited to show it off...a brand spanking new Cadillac pretty!

Dan's aunt and uncle were here from Chicago this weekend so on Saturday we spent some time with them...ate at Chili's and did some shopping. Then we went over to Pete and Faith's house to snuggle with baby Gavin...I can never get enough of that!

Yesterday we went to a few open houses on our street just for fun. I love to see what other people's houses look like inside. The first house was cute, but the rooms were really small, especially the was the smallest kitchen I have EVER seen! The 2nd house is just a few houses down from us and it amazed me how dirty and cluttered it was. The porch was covered with kid's toys and the downstairs half bath was being used as a storage closet...great selling point! ;) We came back home feeling really good about the state of our house, so it was a good self-esteem booster.

After our home tours, we spent some more time with the family and I got yet another baby fix. Gavin was awake and moving all over the place which was fun...he is usually sound asleep when we go over. Here are a few scrapbook pages I did of the little cutie over the weekend.

Oh...and today starts the countdown to my new job..I start a week from today!!! :)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Monday, June 18, 2007

{Let me tell you about my Dad}

He is funny, down to earth, loving, compassionate, faithful and smart. He is also one of my heroes. I feel so blessed to have him for a friend and role model. For Father's Day this year, we took Mom and Dad out for brunch at O'Charley's and spent some time relaxing at our house. We gave him a gift card to Kohl's (his new favorite store) and a big tub of gum for his gumball machine (that we got him last year.) That man loooves gum. :) Dan took our traditional photo on the porch favorite backdrop. It was a nice way to spend some quality time with Dad on his day. Here is the layout I did of that photo and another one for fun.

Happy Monday!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

{creative therapy}

I did some major scrapbooking last night...felt so good to be creative again! I don't know how your creativity works, but when I have a lot on my mind, I can't focus. Now that I have had time to grieve over my Grandma's passing, and know that I'm going to be starting my awesome new job soon, I was finally able to get the juices flowing. :) The graduation photos are from 2001...about time I did something with them!

Tomorrow we are going out to brunch with Mom and Dad for Father's Day...really looking forward to that. With all of the stress Dad has been through the last few weeks, he deserves to be pampered. Other than that, just planning on spending a lazy Sunday hanging out around the house. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Friday, June 15, 2007

{I need to cheer up...}

So here are some random funny pictures that made me laugh...and hopefully you too :)

(can you tell I love cats and babies?!)

Monday, June 11, 2007

{emotional day}

Sunday was full of so many emotions that we were all exhausted by the end of the day. I went with Mom and Dad to Aunt Vicki's ordination in Lexington. It was so fun to see Grandmother and Grandaddy, the cousins and Aunt Vicki and Uncle Herb. The service was lovely and it was so nice to see Aunt Vicki so happy. Once the service ended and we headed downstairs for the reception, Mom and Dad had a message on their cell phone, and it was from the funeral home. Grandma passed away during the ordination. While we were giving thank to God for Aunt Vicki's accomplishments, he was welcoming Grandma into heaven. I've never felt such a range of emotions within a few hours. Thanks to everyone who has kept my family in their thoughts and prayers. We are all sad, but relieved that Grandma is at peace now and reunited with Grandpa. Here is the only photo I was able to gather everyone together for yesterday...and of course my eyes are shut. Oh well...:)

**Updated** Great news! I got a new job!!! I haven't posted anything about my interviews because I wasn't sure who was reading my posts. I'm so will be a nice pay raise and I'm really happy with the position. :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007


With everything that has been going on lately, it is so nice to enjoy a quiet, relaxing day. Dan and I had lunch with Mom and Dad at Ruby Tuesday's...I had the crab cake burger...loooove that thing! While Dan was napping (he worked last night) I did some bargain shopping at Kohl's and found some really cute earrings for $2 a pair and an adorable top and bermuda shorts (plus a pair of flip flops for $4...couldn't pass those up!)

After my shopping excursion I got a lemon scone and iced vanilla latte from Sacred Grounds...mmmm. The empty box says it all...their scones are so good.

The weather is gorgeous today and I'm planning on spending some quality time on the porch swing with a good magazine and also do some scrapping tonight.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Lexington with Mom and Dad for Aunt Vicki's ordination. I'm really looking forward to seeing Mom's parents and my cousins, but sad that Dan can't go. He has to work tonight and with his hernia he is feeling pretty crappy. We know we'll have to make a trip to Akron soon for Grandma's funeral so we thought it was best if he stayed home tomorrow.

My parents went to see Grandma this morning and it is only a matter of time. She is unconscious and her breathing is very sporatic. Although I've gotten adjusted to the thought of her passing, my heart jumps whenever our phone rings, knowing that we will get that phone call very soon. With all of the ups and downs that life has taken lately, I feel so blessed to have Dan there to support me...he is the best husband I could have every asked for.

And just for fun her is a pic of Dan and funny :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

{my mind is racing}

I visited my Grandma tonight. It was the first time that I couldn't hold the tears back in her presence. She looked thinner and her skin tone was more yellow. She barely had the energy to open her eyes or speak. As I sat by her with my hand rubbing her arm, I couldn't help but think of how special it is to be with someone during their last days on earth. She has photos of her and Grandpa from when they were young next to her bed, and I kept looking back and forth from her young, beautiful face, to the reality of her tired body, ready to release her soul to God. As sad as it is to witness, I feel blessed to be able to spend this time with her. It is probably more comforting to me than it is to her, but hopefully my presence helps her feel more at peace. It seems like it will be any day now, and I know that she is ready to be with Grandpa again.

There are so many things going on right now that my mind is racing. We're going to Lexington on Sunday for Aunt Vicki's ordination, Dan is going to the doctor tomorrow because we think he has a hernia :(, and we are waiting anyday now for Grandma's passing. I also am waiting on some *hopefully* good news that I can't share until I know the outcome, but please keep me in your prayers.


Friday, June 01, 2007


I just wanted to give a quick update on my Grandma. She has worsened quickly, and is now too tired to get out of bed. We went to visit her last night and she was asleep most of the time we were there. I held her hand for most of the visit which was probably more comforting to me than to her, although I hope it helped her feel a little more at peace. When we first arrived, the nurse was feeding her some pudding which was a nice sight. She also ate a few bites of a chocolate chip cookie and seemed to enjoy that. At one point she asked to be taken back to her room, so she is obviously a little confused. We'll probably make a trip again tonight to see her, and every day that I can until she passes on. Thanks again for your continued thoughts and prayers!



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