Wednesday, April 30, 2008

{pack my bags?!}

We had our 34 week appointment today with an ultrasound and the boys are doing great! Baby A is 4.3 lbs and Baby B is 4.9 lbs...that's almost 10 lbs of baby in there! The doctor told me to be sure to have my hospital bag packed and everything in order because it is common for twins to come as early as 35 weeks (his wife had her twins at 35 weeks). Whoa...this is really happening!!

For my 34 week photo, I resorted to a couch shot, because I didn't want to get up and I figure this is how I spent most of my time now so its very appropriate. My belly looks a lot smaller when I'm laying down! LOL :) We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner after the doctor and everyone I passed was like, "almost time, huh?" and "good luck!". Sometimes it annoys me to have so much attention placed on me, but it is really sweet when you can see the genuine excitement on a complete stranger's face.

I ordered a bunch of baby boy scrapbook stuff yesterday. I know that I probably won't get around to using it for awhile after the babies arrive, but at least I'll already have it. There are so many cute things out right now! A couple of my faves--->

One other thing I've been enjoying is playing music for the babies once in awhile. I should really do it more often now that I'm hanging out on the couch all the time. They've gotten a healthy dose of Ben Harper, with some Jack Johnson and A Fine Frenzy thrown in for good measure. Looking at the headphones on my belly makes me smile. :)

{still creating}

Even though I'm super sore and can't sit in one position for very long, I'm trying to keep up with my scrapbooking and craft projects. God only knows when I'll get back to them after the babies arrive! I decorated their inital letters for the nursery and love how they turned out. They were plain MDF (from ebay). I painted them white and added rub-ons from Hambly and Basic Grey.

I also did a couple more scrapbook pages today. I really wanted to do a page about their names and I had a few more belly shots to use. I also want to do a few layouts with the photos from our maternity photoshoot. I can only do a page at a time because my energy level is so low, but since I'm sitting at home with not much to do all day I'm hoping I'll get all the pages done that I want to before labor hits.

Dan started putting the nursery dresser together today. I loooove it...can't wait until it is done so we can put all of their clothes away. We washed most of their stuff the other day and it was so fun folding it and looking at all of the cute designs. I can't wait to dress them up! :)

I have a doctor's appointment today and get to have another ultrasound so I'm excited to see the boys again. One of the big benefits of having twins is getting to have monthly ultrasounds. Thank goodness for good insurance though! I'm hoping the doctor will have some insight into how far along he thinks I will go.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

{getting ready}

Wow...I'll be 34 weeks on Tuesday! If I was just having one baby, I wouldn't already be so anxious, but with twins I know that there is a possibility they could come in just a few weeks. I was dealing with a heavy dose of depression last week, but the last few days I've been feeling a lot better, more optimistic, and I'm getting really excited to meet my boys. I'm also excited, on a selfish note, to have a wider wardrobe selection again. I'm so sick of living in the same three tops and pj pants.

I entered a fun belly photo contest on The Nest this morning...if you get a chance check it out and vote for me! :) Click here for the link!

That photo is one of the maternity shots we had taken. I finally got the finished photos back from the are a few of my favorites-->

Yesterday was a fun day and really lifted my spirits. The hubby's cousin and his fiance came over to watch the NFL draft (snooze), but just having company over was so nice since I don't get out of the house much at all anymore. They just got engaged last weekend in Las Vegas and they are sooo cute together. They were asking us all sorts of wedding planning questions...I can't wait for the big day!

Not much going on around here today. I'm hoping that the hubby will put together our new dresser for the nursery. We have quite a list of things we still need to get done before these babies arrive, and unfortunately, he has to do most of it by himself. The weather is gorgeous today...sunny and cool. Definitely puts me in a good mood!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Over the past year I've been blessed to be a part of an online community with a group of ladies that I definitely call my best friends. I think a lot of people would find it weird, since I've never met any of them in person, but we chat every day, and we've been there for each other through a lot of great time and a lot of bad times. I will be the 4th one of us to become a mom during this time, so having their support and advice has been invaluable to me. They have been both my cheerleaders and my shoulders to cry on. I really don't know what I would do without their friendships. A few days ago I got a special delivery from them...the baby swing from our registry! They also sent us a gift card to get more items that we need. I was so surprised and thankful for their generosity. If any of you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart...I love you whores! (inside joke...they really aren't whores LOL :)
I've been ordering stuff for the babies like crazy the past few weeks...diaper bag, baby books, toys, initial letters for the nursery, changing pad and covers, baby carrier. The UPS man is really getting to know our house! Now it just all has to get put away and in its place...the hard part since I'm hardly mobile anymore. My discomfort has definitely reached a new level and there are times when I get really down about not being able to do the things I want to do. I am very blessed to have a husband who has taken up so much of the slack and is taking such very good care of me. I truly don't know what I would do without his support. Love you honey!!

I finished some more scrapbook pages for my pregnancy book over the past week--->

Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing Sunday!

Friday, April 18, 2008


OMG I never thought I would say this, living in Indiana, but we just had an earthquake! It was a 5.4 and was centered in south eastern Illinois. It only lasted about 5-10 seconds here, but it was enough to wake me up and scare me to death. I was sleeping downstairs on the first thought was that the house was going to explode from a gas leak or something. Yikes!! We live on the eastern edge of Indiana so this was a strong one! Hope everyone in Illinois is safe!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

{hanging in there}

That's what I tell people when they ask me how I'm doing. I'm hanging in there. The truth? I'm miserable. Really sore, really emotional, really frustrated that I can't do normal daily tasks like running out to the grocery store (or even shaving my legs for that matter.) I had my 32 week doctor's appointment today and I'm measuring at full term for a single baby...not surprising. I know that I have at least 4 more weeks to go so it is hard for me to stay positive when I already feel so crappy. I came down with some sort of a cold early this week too which is not helping.

But when I feel those babies move inside of me I can't help but smile from ear to is the most amazing feeling. I know once I have them in my arms I'll be saying what every mother was all worth it.

One of the most frustrating things right now is that I'm off of work, sitting at home all day, but most of the time I just have to lay on the couch because I don't have the energy to do anything else. I want to scrapbook and I want to work on the nursery but even doing a scrapbook page right now is tough. My goal is to at least get all my pregnancy pages done before they arrive because from day one I'll be amassing quite a pile of baby photos that I'll want to scrapbook, and I won't want to work on my pg photos.

There are so many things we still need to do before we are officially parents. We need to buy a new car...that's a big one. Luckily we were able to pay off our current car with our tax refund, but it is too small to handle twins and all of their gear, so we need something bigger. We also still need to buy a dresser for the nursery. The one we really want is at IKEA, but even with the new one in Ohio, it is still 1 1/2 hours away and I can't go, so hubby would have to go alone or find a friend to go along with him. Their price just can't be beat for the quality, and we need a really big dresser since the nursery doesn't have a closet. Hopefully we can work something out. This is the one I have my eye on...

Well, my stomach is telling me its time to eat again (or maybe that's the babies sending my stomach messages). Either way the fridge is calling. :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

{creative dressing}

So none of my maternity tops cover my belly anymore. I have a couple tunics I ordered from Forever 21 that still do the trick, and my sweatshirts still cover the boys, but the weather is getting warmer and I'm getting very frustrated with my lack of wardrobe. So, I just ordered two dresses from Target to wear as shirts...never thought I would have to do that. I was going to order a few dresses from Forever 21, but after measuring myself they were going to be too short! *shaking my head in disbelief*. Hopefully these dresses from Target will last me through the rest of the pregnancy.

I also ordered the boppy sleeping wedge pillow. I have a body pillow that works for between my legs, but it doesn't help support my stomach at all. Who knew that the thought of sleeping could be so stress inducing? I don't even look forwad to it because I know every hour or so I'll wake up in pain and have to go to the effort of turning over. At least the sleep I do get when the boys are here will be more comfortable.
We're having a very laid back weekend. Yesterday I was feeling very sorry for myself and hardly did anything. But today I'm feeling better and even did some scrapbooking when I got up. The big plan for the day is a trip to Walmart later to pick up the boys' car seats and some other necessities. Oh the glamorous life we lead!

Friday, April 04, 2008

{moving along}

I'm 30 1/2 weeks now and really starting to feel the effects of carrying two babies around all the time. Thankfully today was my last day at the office. I'm working from home next week and then I start my maternity leave on the 14th. It is such a relief to know that I won't have to get up every morning, get dressed up, and spend the day at work. I get exhausted just from walking to the car these days.

One thing I'm excited about catching up on during my leave (before the babies arrive) is my scrapbooking. I have a bunch of pregnancy pictures that are waiting for pretty pages to call home. I did a couple pages the other night of the cats...they are my only babies for a few more weeks after all. :) Here are the pictures I used on the pages...I just love the close-up of Melvin's face. He's sooo not impressed. LOL :)
Chloe has found a new toy in the boys' stroller...she gets in it once in awhile and sniffs around.
And here are the layouts...I absolutely loooove the new Sassafrass Lass papers!

We had our first child birth class last night. It was a lot more interesting than I expected, and I learned some very valuable information. Next week's class we will watch the labor and c-section videos...that I'm a little nervous about. I mean, I know I'm going to be going through it all, but I won't have to actually see it happening from that viewpoint...thank goodness! The class definitely made it all feel very real!
Looking forward to the weekend...not much planned because I can't handle big excursions anymore, but I'm sure it will be a nice relaxing few days. I'm sure lots of baseball will be watched by the hubby. We are supposed to have warmer, sunny weather so that will be great.


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