Monday, November 22, 2010

{Merry Pifus!}

The boys got their very own Christmas tree over the weekend {or as Landon lovingly calls it...their "Pifus" tree.}

Ben inspecting the lights...


Showing it to Gigi...


Hanging the ornaments with care and precision...


Just the right spot...


Two toddler backs = adorable...


There...that's just right...


Showing it to Papa...


Taaaa Daaaaa!...


They are pretty excited about their Pifus Tree and so are Mom and Dad. :)

{it even made its way into my new blog header....see?}

So Merry Pifus to you! Even if it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Even though our Christmas gift purchases will be on the conservative side this year, I'm still excited about the thought of wrapping them up with fun paper and tags.

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite tag finds today (all from Etsy of course!)

Photos are all linked for ease of shopping :)

Quirky ones...

I love these for the reference to one of our family's favorite Christmas movies...

A couple that are more on the traditional side but still modern...

And because I can't resist a good faux bois...

I think these would be adorable on a green wrapped present with red ribbon.

I can't wait to get to wrapping!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{love list}

While I'm tempted to make this love list everything Christmas, {I is still too early *sigh*} I will refrain and keep it holiday neutral. So here we goooo....

1. The Brave Girls Club...

Brave Girls Club

I signed up for their daily emails yesterday and boy are they inspirational and just what I need to hear first thing in the morning. You can sign up for their daily emails here!

2. This salsa...

I am addicted. I could literally eat this stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And it most certainly is a health beans, corn, tomatoes. I'm such a health nut.

And the profits go to charity, so I'm a philanthropic health nut. Even better!

3. These adorable cupcake banners from FabulousFabulous...

Happy Birthday cake banner

So sweet and unique! I want one for my next birthday...attached to two chocolate cupcakes please.

4. This felt wine sleeve tutorial from Alissa...

Such an adorable and personalized way to present a bottle of wine for the holidays. {see...I snuck a little bit of Christmas in after all! I'm sooo sneaky.}

5. This lotion...


I'm in looove with this lemony scented lotion from J.R. Watkins Apothecary. And the best part is that I scored quite a few gift sets (including hand cream and cuticle cream) at our local flea market for about 1/4 of the retail price. Soft hands at a bargain price. Score indeed.

So that's it for today's list. What are you loving today friends?

Monday, November 15, 2010

{decked out}

We are finally getting the house back in order after having the floors refinished. Unfortunately, our room switch-a-roo didn't happen because of unforeseen issues with moving our TV cable. {boo}

So for now, our dining room and family room spaces remain the same.

Over the weekend we moved the dining room furniture back into the shiny new floored room, and I was able to get our china hutch all decked out for fall.

{a little late considering I'm ready to decorate for Christmas in like...2 seconds}

I really love how the shades of aqua and orange make it pop...


Hellooo reflection!

I love my knitted garland - it will be perfect for Christmas as well! { can get your own here!}


And just because he is too cute, even if the photo is out of Benny sporting the boys' new moose sweater...


I've never wanted to put the boys in matching outfits but I might have to make an exception with this one.

Happy Monday friends!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Our local holiday craft fair was today and I picked up a couple really cute finds. My friend Laura had a booth with the cutest selection of goodies. She had the most adorable embroidery hoop fabric message boards and I grabbed this one...


I also couldn't resist the coffee themed note card set, and a couple fun Christmas magnets for the boys. The two flower hair pins are from a fellow Etsy seller, mesocute, and I really love them...


What do you think...can a 32 year old mom with more gray hairs than she can count wear this?



Note to self...put on lip gloss before next self portrait.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I stumbled across this yarn wreath tutorial today and I love the felt flowers...


I already have a winter white yarn wreath that I made last year, so all I need to do is make the flowers!

I'm also planning on re-purposing a hook rack we have to create a stocking holder similar to this one...

My rack only has three hooks, so it will just be for the boys' stockings {which I loooove} and I'll hang an ornament on the middle hook.

I'll be sure to share the results of my DIY efforts! Are you creating any fun holiday decor this year? I would love to see it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{love list}

I'm forcing myself out of a sinus cold fog to bring you this week's love list...

1. This living space...

We know how much I love gray + yellow!

2. This recipe from my friend Shannan...

Nothing like simple comfort food on a chilly November day! {although it is going to be 70 here today!}

3. This poster...

How fun is this glow in the dark greeting?!

4. This serving set from Ugly Santa...

Vintage modern in the loveliest shade of olive.

5. This online magazine...

Gifted is a great new online mag with tons of adorable ideas. With the Christmas season quickly approaching I'm taking in every ounce of holiday inspiration I can find!

What are you loving this week friends?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

{a smartie a day...}


I feel puny today.

The boys have both had colds over the past week so it was inevitable.

And when Ben gave me an opened mouth kiss a few days ago, and proceeded to cough directly into my mouth...well...that kind of sealed the deal.

Last night all of a sudden my throat started to tighten, sinuses began to fill, and head began a dull aching pulse behind my eyeballs.

Yep....its here.

So I'm sitting here at my desk eating leftover Halloween smarties, and thought surely these will make me feel better.

Which took me back to a funny childhood memory.

Every year we would visit my grandparents in Akron, Ohio. My sister and I would sleep in their very 60's inspired basement, which for a 7 year old is a pretty cool place to sleep. {Aside from the bucket our grandma made us use in place of the proper facilities...but I won't go into detail on that one.}

I remember one day when we were visiting, I was in their basement, hanging out on my super cool cot, with a TV tray beside me. I had a package of smarties, and I arranged them in a row on the painted metal tray. For some reason I pretended like they were medicine, and I dutifully ate each one as the doctor prescribed.

So in honor of my 7 year old self, here's to hoping they still have the same magical medicinal quality.

I think I'll have another just to be safe.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

{knitting away}

I've been spending a lot of time with my good friend, yarn, lately.

Putting some new holiday hats in the shop...

Love these super fluffy pink pom poms...

This one would be perfect for a chilly Thanksgiving Day...

And creating some fun custom orders like this adorable pink and green number for my friend Kent's daughter...

I love knowing that my creations are going to be keeping so many cute little heads warm this winter (and looking stylish as well.)

Be sure to stop by the shop if you need a fun winter hat for your little one!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I feel the need to make a statement.

And I don't mean something like "make love, not war!" or "eat your vegetables!" {that second one is for my boys of course}

I'm talking about accessories.

Nothing deep.

Just fun.

I'm really loving the statement accessories that I'm seeing these days, especially on Etsy. Here are just a few of my recent faves...

This brooch set from rosebudlips is gorgeous...

Swanky Spring Brooch- Set Hope Free

The Jill Cluster from deardaphne8 can be customized as a clip, headband, or brooch...

Jill Cluster

This fabric and vintage lace yo yo necklace from cookoorikoo is super sweet...

Not to forget the little ones cute is this headband from yarntwisted?!

And my friend Natalie just opened up a super cute shop with adorable ribbons and headbands. This is one of my favorites...

And these adorable headbands can fit a toddler or adult...bonus!

So there you have it...a few of my favorite "statement" pieces available on Etsy right now. Snatch them up for me, would you? They are way too tempting.

Monday, November 01, 2010

{big boys}

We had quite a milestone weekend at our house.

See this...


And this...


That's right friends...the boys' cribs are history. And after a few sniffles from their momma, I have to say that it is THE cutest thing I have every seen. I know I have shared that we've been toying with the idea for a few months now, and when hubby found two beds at Target on clearance we went for it (and adorable car bedding to boot.)

They sorta kinda love them...



I do have to share that when I went to wash their super cool new bedding, I looked at the tag on the comforters to find the care instructions and saw this...


Seriously Target?! Care to send me a new pair? {just to let everyone know...I washed them in my *GASP* top loading washer and they came out just fine. Imagine that!}

In other milestone news, the boys had their first trick or treat experience on Saturday!

Well, kind of.

The boys were Buzz and Woody {big surprise} and Ben looked so adorable as the sheriff...


Poor Landon had a horrible cold, so we knew he wouldn't be able to go out much, if at all. We managed to get him in at least his Buzz Lightyear shirt and out the door...


He actually ended up being the one that wanted to go to everyone's door, while Ben was scared and stayed with Dad...


Landon checking out his loot

Our family...

This looks like an outtake but is actually the best of the bunch :)

We only went to a few houses and then did our own version of trick or treat in the house. The boys had a really fun day and between Mom and Dad, and their grandparents, they received lots of candy and fun treats.

Including chocolate cupcakes which apparently are better when eaten hands-free...



Gotta love a blond with a chocolate goatee!

How was your weekend friends? I would love to see pics of your little ones from Halloween!


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