Monday, November 30, 2009


What? A tree in the house? Love it! by you.

That is what Landon said over and over again as he admired the 6ft tall
artificial fully lighted super cool tree that now stands in front of our picture
window in the dining room. I think he likes it just a little bit. Ben wasn't as
impressed but he is coming around. Neither of them have pulled it over yet,
so that's a good sign. I'm sure I just jinxed myself big time.

Landon loves the tree by you.

Ben inspecting the tree by you.

Note to self...

Fake pine needles don't taste so great by you.

Don't eat fake pine needles!

Loving the lights by you.

So far it only has two ornaments - the boy's handprints from last year. Everything else we own is far too breakable. I'm working on a knitted garland like the ones in my Etsy shop right now. Hopefully I can get it cranked out in the next few evenings!

I think my favorite thing about Christmas decorations is a dark room, lit only by the lights on the tree. For the first time since we have lived in this house, I truly felt at home last night looking at this...

Magical  by you.

I hope everyone is having as much fun decking the halls of your home as well! I'll be posting more pics of our decorations soon!


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