Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends! 

I hope no matter what you are doing today, or who you are with, your day is filled with love and light!



Thursday, December 07, 2017

A Year of Magic

Hello friends!

How is your week going? Can you believe how close Christmas is? 

This of course also means it is almost time for a new year. And along with that come a new "one little word." 

I wanted to jump on today to talk about my one little word for 2017, which was MAGIC, and share some big, VERY magical, news!

When I chose magic, or rather when it chose me, I really didn't know exactly how true it would become as 2017 unfolded.

It truly has been a magical year for me, especially with this art business of mine. Before I share my big news, first let me recap some of the bits of magic that have led me up to it.

The first wonderfully magical surprise of 2017 was being invited to contribute monthly printable sets to the Illustrated Faith shop.

I began with my first set in April, and my most recent December set will be my last. Although I'm hoping they'll invite me back for another special project at some point!

Man, what a fantastic experience. I learned and grew so much as an artist and found myself included in such a supportive community of women. A blessing in so many ways.

The second magical opportunity that came my way this year was teaching for Big Picture Classes.

Having their videographer come to my house to film me and the entire process of creating the classes was such a learning experience, and again, gave me the chance to become a part of another wonderfully supportive community of creative folks.

In the midst of this, I bought my iPad, which was a major game-changer. (BIG thanks to my hubby for practically forcing me to buy it after drooling over it and talking about it for weeks!) 

I was seeing so many other artists raving about theirs, but let's face it, I'm SO frugal, and it was a BIG investment.

The biggest financial investment I've made in my art career so far.

And it has by far been the best decision. I had no idea I could create practically all of my artwork on it. Such a magical piece of equipment!

I also had the opportunity to create some really wonderful local projects, including a wall mural and coloring pages for our local schools. I live in such a fantastic, supportive community.

OK, so now that all of that magic is out of the way, here's the big one. The grand finale of my magical year, but hopefully only the beginning.

In October, I signed with Pink Light Studio.

I have an art agent. 

Say what? Who's life is this?

Apparently it is mine, and goodness I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. This kind of magic happens to other people, you know? But apparently it can happen to anyone, including this small town Indiana girl with an over abundance of hope.

If you aren't sure what signing with an art agent means, I will be creating collections of art for them, and they will share the collections with companies who buy the art to put on all sorts of products like wall art and gift wrap and fabric and journals and basically anything you find art on in a store.

Pretty fantastic right? Pinching myself daily.

I've been working toward this for what seems like forever, but it has really only been like four years. Crazy.

So I'm still in the beginning stages, learning how all of it works, and cranking out all sorts of artwork. 

This is a fun collage of my first collection I created for Pink Light, Cozy Christmas...

I am so in love with it and proud of how far I've come. 

And I'm learning that it is OK to say you are proud of yourself. 

That is a hard one for me.

The process of creating this first collection was equal parts exciting and anxiety-inducing, so in some ways it felt like growing and giving birth to another child. And I'm one proud momma!

I can't wait to see what 2018 brings as I dive further into this art licensing journey. Hoping to keep carrying on that 2017 magic for sure!

I shared this quote in last year's one little word post, and man did it ever come true for this past year...

Thanks SO MUCH for being along for this ride with me. I have the BEST cheerleaders.

And now I need a word for 2018. Tough shoes to fill for sure.

Any suggestions?




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