Tuesday, December 12, 2006

{going to the chapel}

My friend Liz got married on Saturday and it was such a beautiful ceremony. Since it was a December wedding, she had a Christmas theme with red and touches of green. Our bridesmaid dresses were red halter gowns with an embroidered overlay down the back...so pretty. Liz's dress was gorgeous...tons of beading and sparklies...she was GLOWING. :) We carried white fur muffs with mistletoe attached to the front and the guys wore little pine wreaths in place of the typical flower on the lapel. Liz and Eric served everyone communion, which was the highlight of the ceremony. We all walked out to Carol of the Bells...the perfect ending. I'm so happy for them and wish them all the best in their life together. Here are a few pics from the special day...more to come when she gets the professional ones! :)

Monday, December 04, 2006


Yesterday I went to Liz's bridal shower..it was a lot of fun to see her so excited. I gave her a wedding scrapbook for her to put their pictures in and was so happy that she liked it. I don't know how she is holding it together...she has planned her wedding in a month's time, finals week is this week and the wedding is this Saturday! I know she will be relieved when it is all over, although her soon-to-be-husband will be leaving for Africa for a year soon afterward (he's in the National Guard). Hopefully the time apart will just make their relationship stronger. Here are a few photos from the shower. :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

{a perfect Saturday}

Today was such a nice day. Dan and I had our favorite lunch...tomato basil soup and grilled cheese at our local coffee shop, Sacred Grounds. After that we went to the mall and did some shopping. I found black shoes to wear with my dress for the wedding next weekend and a cute sweater and denim skirt. Tonight we actually went to the movies...and not the dollar theatre, the full price one! hee hee :) We saw "Casino Royale" and it was awesome...the new Bond is, well, HOT! He definitely made the movie extra fun to watch. :) I'm going to Liz's wedding shower tomorrow and I can't wait to give her the scrapbook I made...I hope she likes it!

Friday, December 01, 2006

{fun surprises}

I participated in the secret santa ornament exchange over on the nest (love those girls)...and look what I got in the mail today!! The boxes were so pretty I didn't want to open them...I was like a kid at Christmas. :) The ornaments are soooo adorable...like little pixies...and she filled the box with all sorts of chocolate mint candy...my favorite! So this is a big shout-out to my secret santa...she *ROCKS*! :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

{where's my motivation?}

I'm soooo unmotivated about my job right now. I don't care if I go to bed early or if I get up in time to get there at 8 am. My work load is really light right now so the days are just dragging. I'm getting soooo impatient for my new workspace. Having my back to the door is so uncomfortable...bad feng shui I think...I never know who is coming in the door or watching me from behind...yuck. There isn't anything about my job that gets me excited...writing letters, supervising ungrateful students, it isn't fun for me. I just don't know what to do...I know I can't stay in this field for very long...my creativity is being suffocated. It is a great place to work...good benefits, decent salary, nice people...but if it doesn't push my buttons...does all that stuff make up for it?? I'm beginning to think it doesn't. I don't want to be one of those people who just goes to work because she has to, because it pays the bills...I feel bad for those people...no one should have to live like that. Dan and I are both living like that right now and it sucks. I want the dream...but I don't know if I have the guts to go after it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

{Thanksgiving Weekend Recap}

So Thanksgiving break was so nice and relaxing, although it went by too fast. We accomplished quite a bit in those 5 days. Spent Thursday with Dan's family at his Mom's house. Everyone from her side was there and it was a fun day with a lot of great food. The guys played football in the street and they were all sore afterward...they're not young enough to do that stuff anymore...LOL

On Friday I got to see Mom, Dad, Carrie and Matt for coffee at Sacred Grounds. That afternoon Dan and I went to HH Gregg and got a new TV... very exciting! Its a 32" LCD for the mantle. :) Friday night was spent at Joyce's with her family...most of them played poker...it was a marathon game that lasted over 5 hours!! Needless to say I was ready to go home by 2 am!

On Saturday we went to Huber Heights and ordered a new sofa...yeah, it was a big purchase weekend for us....but things that we really needed so we're excited. The sofa will be here in time for Christmas so that will be nice. Later that day, Mom and Dad came over and helped us decorate the tree. We also watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...our yearly tradition.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Pete and Faith's...Faith and I chatted about baby stuff while the guys played cards and football. I also finished the hallway trim that I had been painting (although there are still miles and miles left to paint...I'm trying to break it down into chunks so I don't get too overwhelmed).

It was a busy, but fun break and I hate that its back to work as usual. Christmas will be here before we know it though! I'm hoping next year for the holidays, Dan and I will be able to share it with a son or daughter (or at least have one on the way :))

Here are a few pics of our tree trimming party and other holiday decor...enjoy!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

{2peas T-day 20}

This was the Tuesday challenge over at 2peas about Thanksgiving...

Do you cook all or part of the meal? I bring a dish - this year I'm making a pecan pie and broccoli casserole
How much do you spend buying groceries for the meal? probably about $15-$20
Do you eat at home or go to someone else’s? Someone else - either my parent's or hubby's Mom's house
Describe your perfect bite? a little turkey and a big bite of my Mom's stuffing with gravy
White meat or dark? white
Stuffing with giblets or without? Huh? I don't think I want to eat a giblet
Anything you won’t eat at the Thanksgiving meal? cranberry sauce
Carve Mr. Gobble at the table or serve on a platter? on a platter
Favorite pie? toss up between pecan and pumpkin
Formal table or Chinet? formal at parents, chinet at MIL's
Your menu? not sure until we get there, but I know we'll have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes
Favorite leftover? my Mom's stuffing
Extended family, friends, both or just the immediate family for dinner? extended family on hubby's side, immediate family on my side
After dinner, do you go to the latest movie or football on TV? watch football, chat with the other ladies
Do you watch the Macy’s Parade? bits and pieces
Christmas decorations up before or after? this year I may start putting up some before, but the tree will be decorated on Saturday
Black Friday shopping or sleep in? Sleep in!
Any special Thanksgiving tradition? not really, just enjoy time with family
Favorite thing about Thanksgiving? My Mom's stuffing and broccoli casserole
Favorite Thanksgiving memory? Just the warm feeling of spending time with family and eating good food

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

{just a good day}

Even though I was dreading going to work today (being Thanksgiving week at a college it is sooo slow), it has been a nice, relaxing day. I've had the office to myself and had a fun project to work on, so that has made the day go by fairly quickly. Dan and I went to lunch at Mancino's...that was a nice break in the day.

I'm reeeeaaaaally excited to decorate for Christmas...I may have to break my rule and start before Thanskgiving. :) We don't spend T-day at home anyway, so that's my excuse for why I can start early.

Been having a lot of fun with Chloe lately. She is really starting to form a personality and has become quite the lap cat (much to Melvin's dismay). She loves to get underneath blankets...so cute. Here are a couple pictures of her recent cuteness :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

{it was time for a change

Say hello to the new me!! I cut it yesterday and loooove it...feels so good to have it off of my neck! Next up is new frames for my glasses. :)

Enjoying a nice, relaxing Sunday. Had breakfast with Mom and Dad at Cracker Barrel and I think Dan and I are going to do some shopping this afternoon...I need a new winter coat for work desperately. Hopefully we'll find some good sales!

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

{long time no blog}

Geez, it has been forever since I blogged. I think it was mostly because I didn't feel like I had anything too exciting or important to share. Life has been rough the past month...Dan was going through a lot of stress at work and I was as well. Luckily things are a little better now.

I did my first scrapbooking related project yesterday in over two weeks and it felt sooo good! I made a calendar for my sister for Christmas and I'm really proud of how it turned out. I couldn't believe that I finished it in one day! (well, I do still have to add a photo to each month, but that's it). I think she's really going to like it. I'm also going to make one for my sister-in-law, Dan's Mom and I have another one I haven't assigned to anyone yet.

My friend Liz is getting married on Dec. 9th and I'm in the wedding! It is fun to be helping with wedding stuff again. We got our dresses last weekend at David's Bridal and they are really pretty...they are red, full length, with a halter top and embroidered overlay in the back. I helped her make the invitations and it was so fun...makes me want to try my hand at the stationery business again.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and I'm going to make a big change...I'm cutting it shorter, probably mid-neck length. I just can't take it this long anymore...I'm always pulling it back so what's the point? I'll definitely post an after pic. :)

I'm sooo excited to decorate for Christmas this year! I've gotten a bunch of new decor items and we got a new tree...pre-lit! I'm very happy about not having to put the lights on it this year...and the branches are hinged so I don't even have to put it together! (yeah...I'm lazy...so what?? ;)

That's about all from me for today...cheers!

Friday, October 13, 2006

{3 years}

We had our 3 year wedding anniversary on Wednesday...so hard to believe that much time has passed since we said I Do. We had a nice relaxing day at home (the weather was pretty yucky...windy and cold). I got Dan a CD and hat he had been wanting and he got me some peridot earrings (my birthstone) and a pashmina in the same shade of green...my favorite color. :) I made him a fun card in the shape of a "3"...took forever to make but was totally worth it.

We had dinner at Red Lobster...I wish we had better eating out choices here but shrimp and a strawberry dacquiri did make me happy. Today we're going to Indy to see The Fray and Aqualung in concert...really excited about that. We're going to eat at PF Chang's before the concert...mmmm. I have the day off of work today...haven't even changed out of my PJ's yet...love days like this. Here are a couple pics from Wednesday...now on to #4! :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So I'm having one of those days where I just feel very content and happy for so many reasons...

  • The weather is GORGEOUS today...about 80 degrees with a cool breeze
  • Dan is on vacation from work...right now he is camped out on the couch with a cold beer and chips, watching the baseball playoffs
  • I had a good outfit and hair day today...that has not happened much lately
  • I found a new scrapbooking kit club that is TO DIE FOR...they are having a design team search and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for it...**fingers crossed***
  • We're having Dan's Mom and Grandma over for dinner tonight...Dan is making chili....mmmmm!
  • I think I'm finally getting my scrapbooking mojo back...its about time!!!
  • I got 3rd place in an online scrapbook page contest...how fun!
  • I can finally post this layout I did for my design team...

Life is good and I feel very blessed!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My cute house

So I have quite a love/hate relationship with my house. There are things about it that drive me INSANE, but also things about it that I ADORE. I thought today I would make a top ten list of things I love about my house to take my mind of off the things I hate about it. :) So here goes....
1. my front porch,
2. the fireplace,
3. all of the built-ins and woodwork,
4. my dining room chandelier,
5. the big windows that let in tons of light,
6. the hardwood floors,
7. our big master bathroom,
8. the cute original light fixture in my scrapbook room,
9. my pink bathroom,
10. the high ceilings

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lazy weekend...

We had such a lazy weekend and I loved every minute of it! Yesterday I got my hair cut and highlighted and we had dinner at Cracker Barrel...mmmm. :) Dan's Grandma is in town from Oklahoma so we got together with her and the rest of his family today for lunch. His great aunt Jodi always makes delicious meals so we always leave her house so full. We both came home and took a nap...LOL :) Dan has to work tonight which stinks but he only has one more full week of work until his 2 weeks of vacation...yeah for my hubby! He soooo deserves this break!

Our wedding anniversary is coming up on October 11th and I can't wait...can't believe it has been three years! We're going to see The Fray and Aqualung on the 13th...that will be a great way to celebrate. I wish I could take the whole 2 weeks off with him, but I'm at least taking 5 days of it off so that will be nice.

Here's a pic of me with my freshly done hair...I always feel so good after a cut and highlight. :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

And the winner is...

Shirley! Congrats...you are the winner of my POTD RAK! :)

Pea-mail me your address and I'll get it sent out to you!

Not much else going on with me today. Dan is at work for the night and I'm just occupying my time with TV and the internet. Getting ready to make a pot of coffee (like I need the caffeine at this hour!) Looks like it is going to be a rainy, chilly, dreary weekend but that's just more of an excuse to stay in the house and veg on the couch. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My day has finally come!!! :)

I'm POTD over at 2peas and I'm sooo excited!

For those who don't scrapbook, this may seem like a tiny thing, but to be recognized by your peers as a good designer is such a great confidence booster!

In honor of my big day, I'm giving away a fun RAK! Just leave me a comment and I'll pick a random winner! This is also my devious way of getting more people to read my blog....hahaha :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006


The last few weeks have been a daily, hourly struggle for me with my anxiety. Stress at work and nearing the one year anniversary of my Grandpa's passing have taken their toll on me. When I was younger and had these anxiety attacks, I could escape by quitting a job or having Mom and Dad fix it for me. As an adult...there is no way to escape the anxiety. I have to face it head-on and deal with it. Right now I want to crawl in a hole and hide from the world (well, Dan could join me but he's the only one allowed). I don't want to deal with the conflict and uncomfortable relationship at work that causes me daily stress and makes me want to break out in tears. I don't want to work late tonight and miss spending the evening with Dan but I don't have a choice. Being an adult is a tough, scary thing sometimes. I hope that I'm able to find a resolution to the stress at work, and find a way to enjoy being there everyday. Feeling like this isn't fun and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I did some scrapbooking this afternoon to try and take my mind off of things and this is what I came up with...cute, huh? :) My cats do provide a fun, if temporary relief from the pressure of life.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Nature is truly one of God's blessings. Whenever I'm stressed, I sit on my porch swing and listen to the birds and feel the cool breeze. I take a walk in the park and admire the trees, squirrels and blue sky. When life seems to be too much for me to handle, God provides me with so many inspiring sights and they are all around me, whenever I want to take them in. I don't know what I would do without the simple things to remind me that life shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

{loving it}

Made these two fall layouts over the past week...loving the colors of the season. Fall always gives me such a warm and cozy feeling. :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

{random thoughts}

It is a beautiful Saturday...watching the US Open right now. I love when tennis is on TV, it takes me back to my high school days. Go Federer and Henin-Hardenne!! :)

Read on Elsie's blog a few minutes ago about the negative comments she has been dealing with lately. It makes me sad that someone her age with sooo much talent and such a rising career has to deal with this kind of crap. I *heart* Elsie and wish her all the best!

Got some new fall work clothes this morning...I love fall clothes shopping! Still looking for some brown heels and black boots though. Hubby and I are getting ready to go shopping so maybe I'll have some luck. I desperately need to go through my clothes and take a ton of stuff to goodwill. Sadly I have a lot of things that don't fit me anymore, but I'm trying to embrace my new curves.

I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately with work. I'm trying to keep it out of my mind today and tomorrow and just enjoy a relaxing weekend. We're having Mom and Dad over for dinner tomorrow so that will be fun. Making stew for the first time since this past winter...my favorite fall meal.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The past few days have been very trying for me. It is an EXTREMELY busy time at work with a couple big projects going on at the same time. Today and tomorrow I have to work late doing some trainings for student workers and it has me so stressed out. Tonight's training was so unorganized and although I think they learned what they needed to know I feel like it came off as very haphazard and unprofessional. It is days like today that make me really wonder how and why I ended up in this job. Fundraising is the last thing I ever would have seen myself doing. I love where I work and I have a wonderful boss, but that can only count for so much when your actual job is so far from what you want to be doing. I want to use my creativity and be passionate about my job...wake up every morning with excitement at the thought of going to work. I know that a lot of people don't have that priviledge, but I want it...I want it so badly. I'm trying to be brave and strong and keep focused on the positive things. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a new perspective and a more positive attitude for me. If you could say a little prayer for me I would appreciate it...

Monday, September 04, 2006

{first signs of fall}

We went to my parents this weekend and had our first fire in the firepit...roasted hot dogs...so much fun. Fall is my favorite season so I try and milk it for all its worth! It is also my Dad's birthday on Thursday so we gave him his birthday present and had a little celebration. Dan practiced his photography skills and got some great photos so I thought I would share the best ones. The sunset on the way home was so beautiful so I thought I would share that one too.

I also put out some of my fall decorations over the weekend. I don't go overboard with it..just a wreath for the front door and a few miscellaneous pumpkins perched here and there. I've been really enjoying this cooler weather...time to break out the sweaters, jeans and boots...heaven!! :)

The US Open is on right now...another reason why I'm happy. I played tennis in high school so part of me still feels like an athlete...LOL :) I'm rooting for Federer and there are a few women I like...won't really mind who wins on that side.

Found out this weekend that Dan's cousin Pete and his wife Faith are expecting their first child...yay! I'll live vicariously through her until we 're ready for our own bun in the oven!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ben Harper ROCKS!!!

Dan and I saw our first Ben Harper concert last night and we are definitely hooked...he was awesome! As soon as he came out the screen drew me in...look at that awesome font!!! Of coures I automatically thought of how cool that picture will look on a LO. LOL :) It was our first concert together and the first of many more to come!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

{DIY Queen}

I'm sooo proud of my latest DIY project...as small and simple as it was. We hung our new chandelier from IKEA last weekend and we had to shorten the cord and it looked horrible. So.....I took some extra fabric I had from my scrapbook cabinet doors and made a chain cover! I just used some sticky velcro and voila! :)

*Please ignore the blue ring around the ceiling...we still have to paint over where the old light fixture was...


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