Wednesday, September 26, 2007

{turns out they come in 5's}

So I have two more headaches to add to my ever growing list...1. we have mice in the house. Thanks to Miss Chloe who had one hanging out of her mouth we discovered the little buggers. We caught one more tonight. I'm calling an exterminator asap in the morning! 2. The hubby got a ticket tonight on his way to work for running a red light (he swears it was yellow). Greeeaaaaat.

I seriously need some good luck and positive vibes sent my way.

{sweet dreams?}

I had the weirdest bunch of dreams last night. I'm used to having strange ones, but these were a bit over the top, even for me. It might have something to do with the fact that I stayed up until midnight cleaning the kitchen...probably not so smart.

I had three separate dreams which included 1. my old church and my high school boyfriend, 2. I was in jail and pregnant (this one gets the WTH? award), and 3. telling my ex best friend from high school about the jail dream and both laughing about it.

I think there is really something wrong with me. Seriously! I mean, who dreams about stuff like that, and all in the same night? I do see themes of my old church and my ex friend in a lot of my dreams though. Both bring back lots of bad memories and sadness so maybe that is what they are related to. I was feeling pretty sad yesterday, missing my grandparents who are both resting peacefully in heaven.

Now as for the jail thing...not sure where that came from! We are trying to get pregnant, so that part makes sense. LOL :)

Hope I've entertained you a bit on this Wednesday morning. Happy hump day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

{they come in threes}

You know how people always say that bad things come in threes? Well maybe that is true about good things also (I hope), but it has definitely been true for us the past month in a bad way. Last month was a big repair bill on Dan's car...last Friday we had to have all the brakes replaced on our newer car, and now we are without a refrigerator because the compressor died (this is a 3 year old fridge which is very frustrating). Luckily, it should still be under warranty, so all we'll be out is the service fee. But, we have to wait at least a week to get it fixed. One of my coworkers has been sweet enough to lend us her mini fridge so hopefully we can go pick that up tonight. It is crazy how much we take these appliances for granted!

I did some more scrapbooking last night from the Ben Harper concert we went to on the 7th. I hid the journaling under the top ticket...thought that was a fun way to use them and I also ran out of room to put it anywhere else! :)

"You put it on me" is one of his new songs and also one of my favorites. It was an amazing concert and I can't wait for the next one!

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

*sweet* ending

So I had a very tiring weekend...had to be at work from 2-7:30 on Saturday and 8-4 today for special meetings. It was good and I learned quite a bit, but still not fun to be doing on the weekend.

I did sneak in some fun though. Yesterday morning Joyce (my mother-in-law) and I checked out the Everrett Festival, which is a fairly new fall festival in our historic train depot neighborhood. It was a small fair, but tons of fun. I picked up a bunch of cute mini pumpkins, a hobnail milkglass lampshade ---that I turned upside down and used for a bowl--->

and a really cool tray thingy that used to be a part of a food drying rack. It has metal grating on it so I'm going to hang it in the kitchen or my scrapbook room and use it with mangnets as a memo board. :)

I also got some much needed scrapbook time in tonight and got two fall pages done with pics of the fun fall decor I have around the house. I can't put into words how much I love fall, and autumn themed scrapbook stuff. Scenic Route has some gorgeous papers/stickers/chipboard out this year that I used on these two pages. There is also a little Love, Elsie thrown in.

I did these two pages on the front and back of the same sheet of paper. I don't normally do that, but both sides were too pretty to waste one!

I'm wishing tomorrow wasn't Monday and the start of another work week, but trying to find the positives in the mundane everyday tasks of life. Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

feeling squirrely

Aside from cats, I would have to say that my favorite furry animal is the squirrel. I just love them. I think its a combination of the fluffy tail, the way they sit up to eat a nut or listen to the sounds around them, and their just darn adorable faces! The squirrel is the unofficial mascot of the school I work at, which is just perfect. They are all over the campus and every day I wish I had some nuts in my pocket so I could feed them on my way to and from my car.


Yeah, one day I'm going to be the old lady sitting on the park bench with a pocket full of nuts feeding the squirrels. I would really have one for a pet if I could. We have a nut tree right next to our front porch, and every year when it blooms the squirrels go crazy over those things. This year, there was one squirrel that I swear ate every single nut off of that tree, leaving the shells scattered all over our porch. After he was done, I caught him laying on the porch rail, his legs splayed out on either was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I think he was drunk or high...whatever an OD on nuts does to a squirrel, he had a bad case.

Etsy has a huge assortment of adorable squirrel are a few of my faves--->

squirrely sprinkle print

cute squirrel pendant

acorn earrings - in honor of my porch buddy

adorable greeting card

squirrel pocket mirror - so stinking cute!!

I could go on forever with the adorable squirrel stuff on Etsy!

If you are a squirrel hater...please reconsider...they are one of God's creatures and just want to be your friend! ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh *fall* how I love you :)

So I haven't blogged in forever, and any readers I did have probably lost all hope in me returning. But just in case anyone is reading I'm back! ;)

Not even sure where to start other than to say that I'm so in love with fall. Each year the hint of the fall season puts me in a good mood with the cool air, warm colors, pumpkins decorating doorsteps and leaves crunching under my feet (I can wait awhile for that last one). I don't know what it is about fall...I seriously would marry it if at all possible! (and if polygamy were legal.) The first two pics are ones I took in our park two years ago...others are from flickr.

Lots of house projects in the remodel is on schedule for October or November! Still need to refinish the stairs and finish painting our porch railing, install porch light and new front door handle, and get our landscaping under control. Looking at that list really freaks me out! Hopefully it will all get done so we can enjoy the season!


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