Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sunday marked the 2 year mark for two things - us being parents and the boys being born!

We had a really fun rock star themed party for them on Saturday with lots of family and lots of fun presents. They were having a hard time figuring out what to play with so there were moments of tricycle riding/guitar playing and using their new toy grill while wearing their new baseball gloves.

Fun stuff, this turning two is!

I think, hands down, their favorite gifts were their new guitars. They were in hand for a good 80% of the day. (the pictures will prove that point)

Here are quite a few pics from the day. It was quite an exhausting weekend, but in a very good way.

Licensed to drive by you.

matching guitars by you.

IMG_0318 by you.

IMG_0322 by you.

IMG_0325 by you.

IMG_0330 by you.

IMG_0331 by you.

IMG_0350 by you.

Serenading the party guests by you.

Dad helping the boys with their guitars by you.

Happy Birthday! by you.

Balloons of course! by you.

IMG_0384 by you.

Noah's matching rockstar tie by you.

Cake fit for two rock stars by you.

Happy Birthday to you! by you.

Boys eating their cake by you.

Ben stayed so clean! by you.

Want some? by you.

Landon with his new glove by you.

Fun gifts! by you.

New rides by you.

looking both ways by you.

coming through! by you.

three generations by you.

Celebrating with Great-Grandmother by you.

rock lives. by you.

happy camper by you.

brooding musician by you.

Momma and Landon by you.

serious rock star by you.

Whew! Bless your heart if you made it through all of those - guitar overload, right? :) It was certainly a party fit for two, two-year-old rock stars. We are very blessed to have these boys.


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