Monday, October 04, 2010

{happy feet}

My feet have three very fun reasons to be happy this morning...


1. My grey boots!!! Ahhhh...I'm finally the owner of these lovely suede boots that I've been drooling over for months and months. And they make my feet look tiny! Bonus when you wear a size 9 and some change.


2. New entryway rug thanks to TJ Maxx. I'm a sucker for this color combo and pattern, and the modern pattern will still jive with the midcentury modern vibe I'm going for in the space. It makes coming and going at our place a lot happier, even for the cats!

3. And the most exciting news of all (once the honeymoon phase with my boots wears off) is that we are getting our hardwood floors refinished! Our front room, hallway, and bedrooms all have hardwoods, and they are in a sad state...our front room especially. Here is a photo from before we moved in...


The previous owners must have had this planned as well, but stopped at the sanding stage, which means we were left with mostly unfinished floors. Not quite what you want, especially with two toddlers spilling their sippy cups and dropping spaghetti on it.

So starting on Friday our front room and hallway floors have a date with an electric sander, stain and a few coats of poly!

I am beyond excited to get this project completed and have fresh, clean floors. It will be quite interesting keeping the boys (and the cats) off of it for 4-5 days, but it will be well worth it! You can bet I'll be posting some before and after pics next week.

So there you have it, three reasons my why feet want to do a little jig today (well, maybe after I have my first cup of coffee).

Happy Monday friends!


Jill said...

The boots look great and I LOVE that rug! So pretty!

Shannon said...

All excellent reasons! Not only the boots, but the weather to wear them in!

Watkins35 said...

yay on the boots - I've finally found the perfect pair, but run out of my size :(
LOVE the rug, it's gorgeous! x


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