Wednesday, October 09, 2013

{the mocha club}

Today started out rough.

My work day was FULL from the minute I hit my office chair and didn't stop until about 1:30 when I had a gratefully scheduled coffee date with a friend. I was finding myself feeling wiped out and emptied out...irritable...cranky.

That coffee date was just what I needed. I find that one-on-one time with a good friend is the remedy for all of the above for me. Connecting with someone who is like-minded, supportive, encouraging. Such good food for my soul. 

And then as I was leaving the coffee shop I ran into an old co-worker that I miss dearly...just icing on the cake {or should I say whipped cream on my latte?} for an afternoon that helped to renew my spirit.

When I got back to work I had a fun email from The Mocha Club telling me I had won a scarf in a giveaway I entered last week. All I did was tweet out a message from them and I won a scarf from their new INA line. I have known about Mocha Club for about a year now, but learned a lot more about them at the Influence Conference.

This video they shared at the conference really touched my heart...

Winning the scarf seemed so superficial when I thought about their mission. So I decided I needed to do something I had been contemplating for awhile. I cancelled a beauty box subscription and went to the Mocha Club website and signed up for a membership. For only $9 a month I can help support their mission to fund development and relief projects in Africa.

It might not be much but... 

I'm sharing this because I think a lot of us feel that we can't help because we are on a tight budget, but this is something most of us can contribute to. I'm also thinking about doing a Purpose Project with them, but waiting to see what I feel led to do. I also want to make sure I do it when I have the time to commit to it.

Have you heard of Mocha Club? Do you have any favorite organizations you support?

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