Wednesday, April 08, 2015

{hello HomeGoods!}

I'm over the moon excited to share some photos of my first This Girl's Doodles sightings in HomeGoods stores! 

{thanks to my friend Alyson in Wisconsin for these photos!}

Ahhh! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see my art for sale like this. But boy is it happening!

I was a bit thrown off at first by how HomeGoods changed my original pieces. {I've known this for a few months.} All of them are printed in gold foil instead of my original color palettes and they also removed & moved around some bits of the illustrations. I know they are following retail trends but in all honesty some of the changes were a tough pill for my artist's ego to swallow.

Here are the original pieces for comparison...
The "shine" piece works wonderfully with the gold foil though! You can see that piece below in the upper right thanks to an Instagram photo I spotted...

Being new to art licensing, this is a lesson learned for future collaborations with retail stores. I'm still immensely grateful that my first shot at this was HomeGoods of all places, so grateful. 

If you spot one of my pieces in your local HomeGoods, tag me on instagram with @mandy_ford or Twitter with @TGL_mandyford and #thisgirlsdoodles!
Looking forward to what may come next!


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