Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New Tricks

Hello friends!

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are well today and ready for all of the holiday business right around the corner. I'm fighting a cold today but refuse to let it put a damper on my Christmas excitement! 

And speaking of excitement, I have a few new illustrations to share!

I was so giddy the other day when I figured out a new trick in Photoshop to give my lettering more dimension...

See how there is another layer of color underneath? Yep...that is what I'm giddy about! I also played around with a translucent layer of color underneath the pine branches which turned out nicely. 

Here is the pencil sketch of the above piece...

I'm thinking about possibilities for my next Skillshare class teaching these tricks. My first class went amazingly well so I'm itching to create a second!

And here is another fun lettering piece I did last night. Can you guess the movie this quote is from? 

(I know...suuuper hard 😉 )

I've been focusing on creating artwork that I want to see out in the world. Something I would buy if I came across it on a notebook or canvas at TJ Maxx or Target. And these illustrations are getting me closer to that goal. 

Yay for new tricks! 

I had another giddy moment a few days ago when I opened up my first roll of wrapping paper with my own artwork...

Ahhh! I basically want to re-wrap all of our gifts now. But it is a small roll so maybe just a couple special ones. 

It is so awesome that there are online shops out there for artists to create these products without needing to have a license with a company. So many possibilities! (this is from my Zazzle shop)

Thanks for sharing in my illustration excitement! And I hope you are finding time to rest and find joy in this holiday season today.


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