Monday, November 20, 2006

{just a good day}

Even though I was dreading going to work today (being Thanksgiving week at a college it is sooo slow), it has been a nice, relaxing day. I've had the office to myself and had a fun project to work on, so that has made the day go by fairly quickly. Dan and I went to lunch at Mancino's...that was a nice break in the day.

I'm reeeeaaaaally excited to decorate for Christmas...I may have to break my rule and start before Thanskgiving. :) We don't spend T-day at home anyway, so that's my excuse for why I can start early.

Been having a lot of fun with Chloe lately. She is really starting to form a personality and has become quite the lap cat (much to Melvin's dismay). She loves to get underneath cute. Here are a couple pictures of her recent cuteness :)

1 comment:

melissa said...

I love decorating for Christmas too-having a hard time holding off until after

BTW-love your new haircut-looks so cute!


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