Monday, November 27, 2006

{Thanksgiving Weekend Recap}

So Thanksgiving break was so nice and relaxing, although it went by too fast. We accomplished quite a bit in those 5 days. Spent Thursday with Dan's family at his Mom's house. Everyone from her side was there and it was a fun day with a lot of great food. The guys played football in the street and they were all sore afterward...they're not young enough to do that stuff anymore...LOL

On Friday I got to see Mom, Dad, Carrie and Matt for coffee at Sacred Grounds. That afternoon Dan and I went to HH Gregg and got a new TV... very exciting! Its a 32" LCD for the mantle. :) Friday night was spent at Joyce's with her family...most of them played was a marathon game that lasted over 5 hours!! Needless to say I was ready to go home by 2 am!

On Saturday we went to Huber Heights and ordered a new sofa...yeah, it was a big purchase weekend for us....but things that we really needed so we're excited. The sofa will be here in time for Christmas so that will be nice. Later that day, Mom and Dad came over and helped us decorate the tree. We also watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...our yearly tradition.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Pete and Faith's...Faith and I chatted about baby stuff while the guys played cards and football. I also finished the hallway trim that I had been painting (although there are still miles and miles left to paint...I'm trying to break it down into chunks so I don't get too overwhelmed).

It was a busy, but fun break and I hate that its back to work as usual. Christmas will be here before we know it though! I'm hoping next year for the holidays, Dan and I will be able to share it with a son or daughter (or at least have one on the way :))

Here are a few pics of our tree trimming party and other holiday decor...enjoy!

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Cammeron said...

Very nice decor!


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