Sunday, January 21, 2007


I don't remember the last time I had a day quite so productive. I got up at 8:00, had a healthy breakfast, then proceeded to clean both of the bathrooms. Not only did I clean both of them, I even took off the shower knob and got all the yucky soap scum out of it...who knew that sucker was supposed to be clear?! Then, after my shower, I finished cleaning the kitchen and vacuumed the of my least favorite chores. I cleaned and organized my scrapbook room and hung up my new french-inspired clock from my Mom. I got the cutest bulletin board from Hobby Lobby the other day on clearance for $10...I'm going to put it in my new office at work. The only problem with it was that the pale green color of the stripes just wasn't doing it for me. So...I painted them a darker green and I love how it turned out. Here are a few pics...

I just can't believe how much I got done today...yay for me! :)

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