Saturday, June 09, 2007


With everything that has been going on lately, it is so nice to enjoy a quiet, relaxing day. Dan and I had lunch with Mom and Dad at Ruby Tuesday's...I had the crab cake burger...loooove that thing! While Dan was napping (he worked last night) I did some bargain shopping at Kohl's and found some really cute earrings for $2 a pair and an adorable top and bermuda shorts (plus a pair of flip flops for $4...couldn't pass those up!)

After my shopping excursion I got a lemon scone and iced vanilla latte from Sacred Grounds...mmmm. The empty box says it all...their scones are so good.

The weather is gorgeous today and I'm planning on spending some quality time on the porch swing with a good magazine and also do some scrapping tonight.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Lexington with Mom and Dad for Aunt Vicki's ordination. I'm really looking forward to seeing Mom's parents and my cousins, but sad that Dan can't go. He has to work tonight and with his hernia he is feeling pretty crappy. We know we'll have to make a trip to Akron soon for Grandma's funeral so we thought it was best if he stayed home tomorrow.

My parents went to see Grandma this morning and it is only a matter of time. She is unconscious and her breathing is very sporatic. Although I've gotten adjusted to the thought of her passing, my heart jumps whenever our phone rings, knowing that we will get that phone call very soon. With all of the ups and downs that life has taken lately, I feel so blessed to have Dan there to support me...he is the best husband I could have every asked for.

And just for fun her is a pic of Dan and funny :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!



melissa said...

Kohl's sales rock dont they!?-you got some great finds

I've never been to Ruby Tuesday's...might have to try it out next time we go out to dinner ;)

Valerie said...

Sometimes I wish we had a ll the fab stores up here that you guys have!! Good finds!!Glad you had a good relaxing weekend!! You totally deserve it!!


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