Wednesday, September 26, 2007

{sweet dreams?}

I had the weirdest bunch of dreams last night. I'm used to having strange ones, but these were a bit over the top, even for me. It might have something to do with the fact that I stayed up until midnight cleaning the kitchen...probably not so smart.

I had three separate dreams which included 1. my old church and my high school boyfriend, 2. I was in jail and pregnant (this one gets the WTH? award), and 3. telling my ex best friend from high school about the jail dream and both laughing about it.

I think there is really something wrong with me. Seriously! I mean, who dreams about stuff like that, and all in the same night? I do see themes of my old church and my ex friend in a lot of my dreams though. Both bring back lots of bad memories and sadness so maybe that is what they are related to. I was feeling pretty sad yesterday, missing my grandparents who are both resting peacefully in heaven.

Now as for the jail thing...not sure where that came from! We are trying to get pregnant, so that part makes sense. LOL :)

Hope I've entertained you a bit on this Wednesday morning. Happy hump day!


Noelia said...

WOW! 3 dreams in one night? I think you beat me! I have the wackiest dreams too. The one being pregnant and in jail is funny..are you watching Prison Break? LOL!

fioretta said...

Hubby and I have craaaazy dreams too, but I'm still always amazed when I read about what others dream about! Loved the variety in yours, lol!


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