Thursday, September 20, 2007

feeling squirrely

Aside from cats, I would have to say that my favorite furry animal is the squirrel. I just love them. I think its a combination of the fluffy tail, the way they sit up to eat a nut or listen to the sounds around them, and their just darn adorable faces! The squirrel is the unofficial mascot of the school I work at, which is just perfect. They are all over the campus and every day I wish I had some nuts in my pocket so I could feed them on my way to and from my car.


Yeah, one day I'm going to be the old lady sitting on the park bench with a pocket full of nuts feeding the squirrels. I would really have one for a pet if I could. We have a nut tree right next to our front porch, and every year when it blooms the squirrels go crazy over those things. This year, there was one squirrel that I swear ate every single nut off of that tree, leaving the shells scattered all over our porch. After he was done, I caught him laying on the porch rail, his legs splayed out on either was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I think he was drunk or high...whatever an OD on nuts does to a squirrel, he had a bad case.

Etsy has a huge assortment of adorable squirrel are a few of my faves--->

squirrely sprinkle print

cute squirrel pendant

acorn earrings - in honor of my porch buddy

adorable greeting card

squirrel pocket mirror - so stinking cute!!

I could go on forever with the adorable squirrel stuff on Etsy!

If you are a squirrel hater...please reconsider...they are one of God's creatures and just want to be your friend! ;)


Valerie said...

SO glad you blogged!! YAY!! Squirrels are cute, I love watching them too!!

Anonymous said...

You're back, yay!

Korbyn said...

I love squirrels too, and just have to share, my gf has a VW Rabbit hatchback, and in the back window sits a real taxidermied squirrel. We are big squirrel fans, and had two taxidermied years isn't as weird as it sounds...or maybe it is!! :) Korbyn

Lillsisslill said...

Suuirrels are really cute!!!
Thanks for the etsy tips.

Going to look at your shop now.

Thank you for your kind words over at my blog.


RiNNE said...

Squirrels are cool! Thanks for advocating for them!

Jen said...

LOL! You are not alone ... it is my husband favorite animal too! It is an ongoing joke between us! jen


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