Monday, April 26, 2010


For the past few months I have felt a strong tugging at my heart, at my soul.

I feel like I'm missing a very integral part of ME.

But what is it?

The past few weeks it has gotten even stronger. And I know it is God talking to me.

There have been points that it has brought me to tears, and to prayer.

Trying to figure out what exactly I'm missing.

Is it patience?

Patience to keep pushing through my life the way it is right now until I can get to that next phase?

But no...I don't want to "get through" my life as it is now. It is wonderful. Beautiful, really. And each moment is a blessing.

Or is it that I need more patience in order to wait for that missing piece to find me. To make a connection with my soul so that I can finally have that moment when I stop what I'm doing and say.. AHA!!! That's it!

I prayed last night for God to help me narrow down all of the creative leadings that weigh heavy on my heart, and help me find that one thing that is right and true for me, right now, in this moment.

Maybe it is a new or renewed friendship that I need. Someone to bounce ideas off of. To vent to. To listen to. To respect and reciprocate.

Maybe a creative outlet. I feel pulled in so many creative directions right now and there are times when I just want the ideas to stop coming. There are too many, and not enough time or resources to see them come to life.

I'm not sure what I need, but I will keep praying, and I know God will help me figure it out.


Angela said...

I can relate MB. *hugs*

Mandy said...

Thanks Ang :)

CZ said...

Totally understand how you feel! :) Love ya sis. Sending hugs!

Tamara said...

{HUGS} I hope with your continued faith that you will soon find the answers you're searching for.


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