Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{curtain call}

Want to see what *I've been up to lately with our family room makeover?

{*I should really add that this entire project would not have even happened without my Mom #2, who not only helped her drill-challenged daughter-in-law hang the curtain rod, but also hemmed the curtains...what a lucky gal I am!}

Well friends, we FINALLY have curtains up! Can I get an amen? Or an Hallelujia? Or just a pat on the back?

I'm seriously SO excited about this. Why you ask?

Because we have a wall air conditioner situated smack dab in the middle of the wall. It is really lovely. Now don't get me wrong, I love it more than coffee on a 90 degree summer day, but I still think it is hideous.

See what I mean????

Sorry for the horrendous photo quality, but it only adds to the shock factor, right?

Fast forward to today and the wall is looking a lot better thanks to a super budget friendly curtain fix. I used two 84" curtain rods and screwed them together (thanks to the hubby for this genius idea) to create a suuuuper looooong curtain rod. Added the awesome gray IKEA curtains that my friend Allison gifted to us, and voila...


Now I know what you are probably thinking if you are obsessed with curtains like I am...


And I've got it covered...enter a pair of white IKEA panels that were also a budget friendly buy...

{click to enlarge}

{which I have yet to hem}

And I will be one happy curtain camper. Now once the weather warms up it will have to look like this...


but I'm hoping we can afford to install central air in the next few years and say a permanent good-by to Mr. AC.

And then there is the rest of the room. I thought it would be best to let the photo speak for itself...

{click to enlarge}

You could say we have a ways to go, but just by adding curtains, the room feels so much more complete and cozy. I'm excited for the next step in this makeover process, which I hope will be a new mantle and paint on the fireplace!


destiny said...

What a great idea to use curtains to cover you AC! Lookin' good!! I need to get to work on my family room!

Kim said...

It looks so good. My friend had that same AC problem. She was lucky enough though that it was towards the corner of the room and she was able to hide it with a folding screen. I love curtains too. Makes everything seem much more "homier" (not a word I know, but you get what I mean).


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