Thursday, January 13, 2011

{new and improved}

I've been doing a little sprucing up around here. Did you notice?

One exciting new feature on This Girl's Life is the addition of search tags...over here under {topics}------------------------------------------------------->

Now you can search through my posts based on subject matter. So if you want to look at a plethora of cutie patootie twin boy photos, you will have a much easier time. Or if you want to read all of my ramblings about my home decorating're welcome.

I've also added links to my scrapbooking layouts and home photos on Flickr.

Waaaay over there on the far right under my Etsy shop.  ----------------------------->

Just in case you hadn't had enough of me. It is OK to admit it.

And one more thing because it is getting closer to February. New Valentine's Day items in the shop! Check them out here or by clicking on my shop link over here.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------->

{I love making arrows, can you tell?}

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