Friday, April 08, 2011

{thank you for your patience...}

If you read this post, you'll remember that we took a big-ish plunge and canceled our Direct TV a few weeks ago. Wellll...I feel like a bit of a hypocrite and have a confession to make...

We're having it re-installed today.

Why you ask? Because a few days after you cancel your service with Direct TV, you get a lovely "come back to us!" letter with the low price we initially were paying for our service. So we said sign us up

{As a side note, while I do love my DTV, I have to say that over the past two days I've come to realize that they have the worst.customer.service.ever. After my initial order that wasn't finalized, waiting on an installer that didn't show up because said order wasn't finalized, calling to place our order again, over an hour on the phone, speaking to 10+ customer service reps, repeating my address and telephone number I don't know how many times, being transferred once to a Spanish speaking line, and waiting through a crap ton of horrible elevator music, they are supposed to show up this afternoon to install. I say our first year should be free after all of that. I think I was told "thank you for your patience" about 50 times.  Welcome back to Direct TV! By the end of all of that I wasn't feeling like rolling out my welcome mat.}

I will have to admit, I was missing my HGTV and Cooking Channel. And now the hubby won't miss any of the Cincinnati Reds games (which were all of a sudden blacked out by our new internet provider...grrrr).

So we're still saving money every month AND have our luxury of a ridiculous amount of TV channels to surf. I'm still going to do my best to keep my promise of doing more reading, journaling, and working on this for the next few months. Thank goodness for DVR!

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