Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{hidden talent}

I have done it friends.

I have done the impossible.

You've all heard of sleep walking, and maybe some of you have even done it. While I can't claim that feat, I most certainly accomplished a different sleep + {insert mystery talent here} combo two nights ago.

Let me preface this by saying that I love sleeping. Like realllly looooove sleeping. And I can fall asleep pretty much almost anywhere.

In the car. On the couch. At my desk {shhhh...}.

So two nights ago I had left Landon's room after singing him a few bedtime songs, and headed to Ben's room to do the same. We have our bedtime song routine...Ben likes "You are my sunshine" followed by a little ditty I made up myself. Wanna hear it? Well...no video, but I will share the lyrics...complete with appropriate emphasis..

I love you Be-e-nnneeee
Oh yes I do-oooo
I love you Be-e-nnneeee
Oh I love you-oooo
When you're not with meeee
I'm bluuuuue
I love you Be-e-nnneeee
Oh yes I do-oooo

Of course I insert Landon for Benny when appropriate, which if you keep reading, is where I get myself into trouble.

So back to my story.

I was singing my little song to Ben and then it happened.

I fell asleep.

And I kept singing. 

I know these two things to be true because...

1. I actually started dreaming.
2. I woke up and was singing "Landon" instead of "Benny" and my poor Ben was looking at me like "What the hell Mom?!" 

Poor little dude. I apologized over and over again and kissed his little forehead and started the song over, making sure to keep my eyes open, and more importantly, use his name.

So do you think I should try out for America's Got Talent? Or is this some super mom power that I've acquired?

Tell me...what is the craziest thing you've done while sleeping?

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The Barron Family said...

Too funny! Unfortunately I never fall asleep too easily.

Gabi said...

that is great - I always appreciate a fellow sleep talker :) My favourite one (as told by my husband) was when I sat upright and started pulling and kneading the sheets - (I had been making bread the previous day)

Anonymous said...

Woah! Now THAT's impressive! :) I'm a light sleeper but have a novel's worth of sleep-walking/talking incidents.....did I ever tell you about it in HS? At the top of the list of "crazy" would be a cartwheel, cleaning the camper thinking I'm a maid, sitting in the dorm bathroom welcoming people at 2am, telling Andy to watch out because Oprah and Rosie were under our bed, kneeling at my nightstand answering calls, proclaiming, "HAPPY OCTOBER 2ND DAY!!" when it was not October or the 2nd.......whew....I need to go take a nap ;)


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