Thursday, August 25, 2011

{thursday randoms}

 Ready for a little Thursday randomness?

1. I'm part of a fun giveaway over on my friend Allison's blog, Crafted Love.

So head on over and you could win a bunch of goodies including a pair of my flower hair pins!

2. A week from today we are taking the boys on our very first little family vacation, which means our first since before they were born! I know...they are three...don't judge until you've had twins. :)

The hubby's aunt and uncle live in a suburb of Chicago so we're heading up there to spend Labor Day weekend. We are super excited to get out of town, but nervous about the boys' first overnight sleeping adventure. If you have suggestions to make the drive/sleeping easier I would love to hear them! Prayers are also of course appreciated. ;)

3. I snapped this photo of our cat Melvin in our yard the other night...

Isn't he a cutie? Such a sweet face.

4. I was reminded this morning of a particular scripture...

painting available here
It seems that just when money is getting tighter and payday is still too many days away, a little bit of money makes it's way to us through my Etsy shop or in other ways. That happened to us today and I'm so very grateful.

5. My Benny...

Looking so grown up. Gah can time just stop for a little bit?

What are your random thoughts for the day?

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kathy b said...

thanks for the prizes

Shasta said...

Good luck on your road trip! We just drove from Maine to Washington state in 5 days with our two-year-old daughter and Yorkie pup. We bought her a portable dvd player for the trip, and it was a hit. :)


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