Saturday, February 04, 2012

{first video blog!}

Happy Weekend friends!

So today I did something that I had been contemplating for awhile but hadn't gotten up the nerve to do. A video blog!

{I refuse to call it a vlog because it just sounds funny...and like I have a lisp or a spelling problem} :)

So without further ado...a little video about the things I'm loving this week...

And if you don't want to watch dorky old me on video, here is a little recap:

1. Nap time = lovely me time
2. Happy hair {I used this tutorial}
3. New IKEA shelf!
4. yummy coffee
5. yummier lotion

What are you loving this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

So fun to see you and hear your voice. I am a long time blog follower. Love your hair :) Lyndsie

Valerie said...

Mandy, I loved the video and it was good to hear your voice. I read your blog all the time too but, don't comment very often. I will try more often!!

Mandy said...

fun! enjoyed your first video! loving the hair! i watched the video from the link you posted on facebook and i'm going to have to give it a try. my hair is not quite as long as yours, so don't know if it will turn out as well. that coffee sounds yum...i have been cutting out caffeine too. i am loving lip gloss/chapstick. my favorite right now is nivea{light blue one} it cheap at target with a coupon! ;)

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Thanks Valerie! And yes...comment away! :) We know each other from back in the day on 2peas, right?

Tara said...

Mandy, I love your blog and never have commented. Sorry! Your video blog was sweet! You should definetely do more.

Lorie H said...

Hi Mandy. Enjoyed the video! I've been following you blog for some time now and my favorite is "What I wore Wedensdays. Thanks for sharing.

Nicky said...

You are NOT a dork! I loved it...

So... I really want to run out and get that lotion... I am a HUGE vanilla lover... candles, lotions, anything.

Can't wait to see what you got at Maurices... how fun!

You are too cute... loving the wavy hair... chat soon!

Anonymous said...

I love your video blog and can't wait to see more. (I love your blog period!)


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