Thursday, February 02, 2012

{sweet tooth}

My ginormous sweet tooth is completely addicted to these right now...

As in I've eaten almost the entire bag in a week. {don't tell my dentist}

Equally as sweet and addictive are these two cuties who are growing

One of Ben's new favorite places to lounge is the back of the couch. :)

And the backs of Dad's legs are apparently equally as comfy...{Hopefully Dan won't see this. Or if he does he doesn't ambush me with his new semi-automatic nerf gun...scary stuff people.}

What is satisfying your sweet tooth these days?


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Mandy said...

i love have made me want these now!

DianeTaylor said...

OK - I am totally obsessed right now with Peanut Butter Multi-grain Cheerios! I ate the entire box (well, I had some help from my hubby) in like 2 days. Must.walk.away.from.them !!!

Jenny said...

Mmmmm! Cinnamon candies are some of my favorites too! :)

So... you won the My Memories giveaway at The Southern Institute! Yay!! I think I have your correct email address, but if you would send it to me again just to be sure that would be great! thesoutherninstitute at gmail dot com.

Can't wait to hear from you!


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