Thursday, June 28, 2012

{is it hot in here, or is it just me?}

Yeah...we all know. It is freaking hot out there.

Today in Indiana it is pushing 100 degrees.

And guess what? Our house doesn't have central air. That's right...we've lived in this house for over three years now without the luxury of 72 degree rooms in the middle of July.

We do have a wall unit in our dining room/kitchen, which I have a major love/hate relationship with. {I love it in the summer...hate it the rest of the year} It keeps that room cool but the rest of the house, including our bedrooms get up to a steamy 80+ degrees on these hot days.

Soooo...when we found a good deal on a portable AC unit online a few weeks ago we went ahead and bought it. The reviews were good, but we failed to look at the dimensions.

This sucker is HUGE.

Yep...that is a full size chair next to it.

It kinda scares me to be it might start moving around on its own on those little wheels.

Or reach over with the big hose and grab that sippy cup...

And look! It has a remote! Perfect for when you are sitting in the chair 5 inches away and the cold air has frozen your eyeballs.

And it reminds me a bit of this guy...

Its like we have a new family member or something. But at least we have a cooler house.

Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

lol!!! i laughed on the r2d2 reference- that thing DOES look huge! are y'all going to keep it? or are there different size option?

My name is Amee said...

I'm just thankful you found a way to cool off!!! Congrats on the air conditoner. I had no idea that made a portable machine like that!! All we have are window units....

Carolyn said...

Too funny with R2D2! Ha ha! Glad you are cooling off. :)


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