Thursday, June 14, 2012

{thrifting finds}

When it comes to thrift shopping for clothing, I'm pretty much a novice. We live in a small town that, until recently, had only a Goodwill with a fairly pitiful selection. Over the past year we've had some great consignment shops open up, and a few months ago I took some of my clothes in to consign. I was really unsure about the process, but figured it was worth a try.

Yesterday I had some free time on my lunch break, so I stopped in to see how much money I had earned, and check out their selection. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had quite a few great items, including a really awesome turquoise handbag that I spotted right away in the front window. I snatched that beauty up without hesitation. :)

After some time in the dressing room with a load of shorts and tops, I ended up buying two tops, one pair of shorts, the awesome turquoise bag, and a pair of cute flats. And with my store credit I only had to pay $13. Not too shabby! I was on a thrifting high for the rest of the was a great experience.

Wanna see my haul?

In my excitement over the clothing, I totally forgot to check out their jewelry, so I'm going to have to go back soon for a peek at their selection. I even earned a $3 coupon for my next trip...considering the shoes were only $4 that can buy a lot! :) And I looked the handbag up retails for around $45 and I paid $10. It is in really great condition too...what a deal!

The best thing about thrifting is that there will be a whole new set of treasures next time I go back.

Are you a thrift shopper? What has been your favorite recent find? 

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