Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{Christmas card display DIY}

I have a super simple DIY Christmas project to share with you today. Every year I find a new place to display our Christmas cards, and this year was no exception. I wanted a quick and inexpensive project so I grabbed an extra picture frame, some yarn, a staple gun, and my new favorite crafting item, washi tape, and went to work!

I started by using my staple gun to attach two rows of yarn to the back of the frame...

And then I decorated the front with some red and white snowflake patterned washi tape...

After hanging the frame, I used some sweet decorated clothes pins from Raising Up Rubies to attach the cards to the yarn...

And there you have it!

This project literally took me minutes to make and I'm so happy with the results. It will definitely be coming out again next year!

How do you display your Christmas cards?

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TheTinyHeart 8:29 AM  

That came out so cute! I love the snowflake washi tape!

The Tiny Heart
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Mandy 3:06 PM  

this is too funny...i have been planning to post my christmas card photo display for a week or so now, just got around to it a bit ago. then i see your post and it is almost exactly the same...hehe! guess since we have the same name we really do think alike! ;)
love it!!!

Crystal 5:42 PM  

Cute! I tape ours to a ribbon on the pantry and laundry rooms doors(goes from top to bottom)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards 8:03 PM  

Super cute! Such a great way to actually enjoy those cards!

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