Monday, December 10, 2012

{december daily update}

Happy Monday friends!

I know..."happy" and "Monday" really shouldn't go in the same greeting, but I feel good this morning, so I'm going with it. ;)

I wanted to give you all an update on how my December Daily album is going! YES...I'm actually doing it! And I'm so very glad that I pushed myself this year to start it. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

I only have Instagram photos to share so far, but hopefully I'll find the time {and a sunny day} to take better photos.

Those last two are my favorites so far...those boys steal my heart over again every day. :)

One decision that has made this a whole lot easier for me this year is not doing the standard photo a day thing. Last year it just stressed me out too much...some days are just not photo-worthy, you know? Instead I'm just taking photos of the important Christmas stuff, which sometimes means no photos one day and ten the next. 

I'm also doing a combination of full 8 1/2 x 11 pages for the photos I want to print larger, and pages with smaller photo compartments for days when I take lots of photos and can't choose just one. 

I can't wait to share more with you and it comes along!

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Behold the Metatron said...

Such a cute idea and a great way to live in the now!


Mandy said...

looks great!!! i just decided to document my photos using instagram and then put them in my normal project life album. will see if i like that or will go back to december daily next year?!

Amy said...

I used to scrapbook, but then decided to start making photobooks. cheaper and i love them!

what a cool idea!


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