Monday, March 18, 2013

{butter knife cuts and weekend adventures}

My weekend involved two things that I thought could never possibly happen.

First, I cut my thumb with a butter knife.

Yes, with a BUTTER knife.

Apparently IKEA's butter knives are not as safe as I thought they were. So if you are an IKEA shopper, and in the market for new silverware, proceed with caution.

Particularly with this set, which are what we own. Cute, but apparently lethal...

Second of all, I caught Landon doing something you see other kids doing and think, "No way would my child ever do that. He is precious and perfect and not disgusting."

But he did it.

He was eating his own snot.


In addition to telling him every chance we can get that no one EVER, EVER should eat their own snot, I'm also just trying to convince myself that he is a curious 4-year-old and that's what curious 4-year-olds do.

Right? Please tell me I'm right.


Thank goodness he's so cute...

And then there's this boy would can insert the word "poop" into any conversation...

Again, thank goodness for the cuteness.

Aside from butter knife cuts and snot taste-testing, we also had a really fun weekend. On Saturday we took the boys on a little in-town outing. Our first stop was the library for some books, then to the local bakery for HUGE cookies and finally we stopped at our really fun local toy shop for some browsing and playing with their train table.

As a side note...the boys have their own train table which they never play with, but for some reason the train table at the toy store is like the best.toy.ever. Go figure. 

And Ben got like 10 compliments on his hat. That boy knows how to work a fedora. :) 

Yesterday I was in heaven with a few hours to myself to work on my February Instagram album. It took me longer than last month, but I completed the whole thing and I can't wait to share it with you! Here is a little sneak peek from my Instagram feed yesterday...

I was feeling very overloaded and overwhelmed this weekend, so yesterday I took an almost complete break from social media. I only picked up my phone a few times and that is a big deal for me. I even started reading a book, which is also a big deal for me. It has been awhile since I picked up reading material that wasn't a magazine or Dr. Seuss. This is what I'm reading and I already love it after only a few pages...

Have you read it? Thoughts?

How was your weekend?

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Julia Klimek said...

Hi! I haven't read your blog before but That. Is. FUNNY! I have a four year old. Yes, it seems "snot tasting" is part of the definition of little boys!

Priscila@mommode said...

Well, I cut myself with a plastic knife from a fast food restaurant, so I can relate. :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

That fedora is rockin'. Sorry about your finger. I pretty much cut myself on everything sharp. I hope Henry doesn't inherit that trait.

brittany t said...

im working on the happiness project too! i like it. some of Gretchen's research and things she has learned are WOWing and interesting.

EpicMan said...

Just started this book the other day...enjoying and digesting!


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