Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{I want to be open}

In two days I leave for the Influence Conference and in so many ways I don't feel ready.

I'm nervous about being away from the boys for three days. It will be the longest I've been away from them ever and it is already stirring up tears when I think about it. I know they will be in good hands because Dan is an amazing father and fills in my gaps better than I fill in his, but I'm still going to have a hard time with it. I just want them to be OK and to not freak out. Tears on my end will happen no matter what.

I'm nervous about meeting so many women that {if I can be honest}, I'm totally intimidated by. I may seem like I have it all together, but put me in a room full of women and every one of my insecurities comes out of hiding, screaming in my ears. Whew...they are sneaky little things! 

I'm worried about what to wear especially because I know the room is going to be full of SO many adorably dressed and accessorized ladies. I'm doing my best to keep reminding myself why I'm going. To grow as a writer and to learn how to better tell my story. To be inspired by the amazing people I will meet. To learn how my little corner of the virtual world here can help others. 

I'm praying that I can be inspired instead of intimidated. 

Reminding myself that there is an infinite amount of awesome to go around. 

I'm praying that I can let go of my nerves and just be open to new friendships, to new growth, to the amazing things that will be placed before me. 

I want to be open. 

Oh yes...and I need to PACK!

Are you going to Influence? I would love to meet up and be inspired by you!

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tmack said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you! Be you and everyone will love you. My last post has a few packing tips on it.

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

I've been thinking a lot about what to wear! I've been seeing all these tweets about clothes and accessories and staring at my closet almost in tears,lol. I know it'll be an amazing experience, I can't wait to meet everyone.


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