Thursday, February 06, 2014

{life with boys}

These boys.

They like to play PBS Kids games on the computer. 

They have way too many toys.

They have ridiculously fun imaginations.

They can play with Legos for hours at a time.

They amaze me with the things they are learning.

They like rice and beans.

They give me a reason to glue 100 googley eyes on a sweatshirt.

They simultaneously challenge and inspire me.

They remind me of what is important.

And contribute to my laugh lines.

And grey hairs if we're keeping tabs.

Life with boys. 

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Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

super cute photos!

Leanne Redding said...

They look like they require a lot of energy, and a lot of fun ;)

Sarah S. said...

this is cute. I love that googley eye sweater and "walk" in 100 years... smart kid :)

Lisa Haley said...

Catching up on some reading and I know this is a bit late, but I couldn't not comment. What a cute little slice of your life. I especially like the pic of your son with his grandfather(?). Life is good.


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