Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{23 miles}

So I've been doing this...

23 miles in three weeks friends! This is a tad monumental for me.

First of all, because I've stuck with working out for three straight weeks.

And the fact that the more workouts I do, the more I actually want to push myself.

I started out doing 1 - 1.5 miles on a 2.0 incline which would burn about 150 calories. Last night I did 35 minutes at a 3.0 incline and 2.25 miles. That burned about 250 calories.

I'm walking at a speed between 3.7 and 4.0 if you're curious. I'm SO not a runner. Speed walking is more my thing.

I find it crazy that my stamina is increasing, and even crazier that I'm slightly enjoying these workouts.

I've also been eating better...cutting out the soda and fast food. The other day we took the boys to Chipotle and I left the cheese off of my burrito bowl {just chicken, rice, beans and veggies} and I drank water. I have this automatic response to always order a soda when we eat out, so getting water was a big thing for me. I had some pepsi a few days ago and it tasted so sweet to me...I actually looked at the bottle to make sure it wasn't diet because it didn't taste right. AND I'm actually not craving candy like I usually do...I'm eating tangerines like crazy instead. Still indulging in my dark coffee and chocolate...those are two friends I'm not going to say goodbye to. :)

I'm not weighing myself just yet but feeling better mentally about my body is keeping me motivated for now. I'll probably wait a few more weeks before stepping on the scale.

Just wanted to share my progress with you, and maybe encourage others that aren't naturally motivated to exercise like I am. I'm so thankful for this shift in my is making a huge difference!

Do you have any exercise or eating tips for me? I'd love to hear them!

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Crystal said...

Congrats! That's great!

Mrs. H said...

Way to go Mandy! Keep it up! If you ever decide to get on the my fitness pal app, let me know, I can friend you to offer you motivation there too!

Elise Nicole said...

Woohoo! Keep it up!

Mandy said...

great job! keep up the good work. i need to get motivated to work out more regularly. thanks for some inspiration!


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