Wednesday, December 03, 2014

{deck the halls}

Hello friends! Happy December!

Have you been decorating for the holidays? I made the final touches to our Christmas decorating over the Thanksgiving weekend and I love how simple and cozy everything looks this year. Want a peek?

If you remember back in the fall I painted my chalkboard gold on a whim, and when I went to decorate for Christmas I had a DOH! moment, like how am I going to make this color work? Then I pulled out this yarn wreath I made a few years ago,and low and behold, it had gold flowers to tie everything together. Crisis averted. I'm really in love with this whole vignette. The santa sleigh is a piece from my Dad's childhood so it is really special, and I snagged the vintage chalkboard at a yard sale this past summer. 

I painted this new-to-me globe with chalkboard paint and I think it is my new favorite will be so versatile! And such a simple project. 

Our mantel is always a struggle for me because it is super shallow, but this year it came together easily with my tree collection and a few cute houses mixed in. 

My mother-in-law made the boys' stockings {the ones on the ends} and they are one of my most treasured decorations. And that new sign from TJ Maxx is fun...and a bit over-confident, right? 

And finally, I wanted some sort of holiday sign to put on the shelf over our desk, so I whipped up this little number Sunday morning while the boys and I all painted. I love how it turned out! And Ben figured out what it meant right away...such a smart little guy. 

Speaking of my boys...I walked into the family room one morning and the boys had recreated the birth of Jesus with the Christmas decorations, complete with a Jeep for the wise men. SO darn funny and cute! Not to mention practical...

Have you decorated for the holidays? I would love to see your space!


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Alyson McMahon said...

I am in love with your decor! Like, seriously in love. It's all so cute. And those stockings?! Amazing, and so special since they're made by grandma.


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