Thursday, December 18, 2014

{sock monkey slippers}

One of my favorite things to get the boys each year at Christmas are new pj's and slippers. This year I got them matching pj's, but picked out very different slippers, which had me a bit nervous. Ben got ginormous bear paws, and for Landon I picked out sock monkeys. 

Landon has been obsessed with all things sock monkey lately. I'm not sure where the attraction came from, but anytime he sees sock monkey anything, his eyes are glued and he oohs and ahhs over it. So when I found sock monkey slippers in his size and on sale, I grabbed them up.

But I was a bit worried he would think they were too girly or baby-ish. 

Boy was I ever wrong.


He wants to wear them the moment he gets home, lines them up at the edge of his bed so he can put them on the minute he gets up, and the best part...he takes them off when he has to pee so he doesn't get them dirty. {Even he knows how horrible his aim is.} 

It is just precious.

But the best part is that he keeps thanking me for them. "Thank you for my sock monkey slippers Momma!" 

Ahhh it just melts my heart.

They had slipper day at school on Tuesday, and when he came home he was all distraught because the monkey face was coming off of one of the slippers. You would have thought I had performed successful brain surgery when I sewed that knitted monkey face back onto his slipper. One of the perks of being a parent is that you can perform fairly simple tasks in exchange for a ridiculous amount of recognition. 

Gosh I love that sweet boy. 

{Don't tell him, but Santa is bringing him a stuffed sock monkey to match his slippers.

And not to leave Ben out...he loves his bear paws. But in more of a "let me see who I can pretend to stomp on" kind of way, which is equally adorable. 

Only a week until Christmas friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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