Thursday, February 26, 2015

{hashtag stalking}

Things are all sorts of crazy around here this week. 

I have one of my big work events this Saturday so I'm in final prep for that which = Mandy in full anxiety/panic/"I can do this!" mode. And of course the rest of life keeps going like school delays and doodle orders and piles of laundry and the perfect timing of "auntie flow"...yeah I said that one with lots of sarcasm. And yes I just told you waaaay too much information. But you all can feel my pain, right?

Oh, and THIS happened on Friday. {insert a million exclamation points}

Right after I blogged about the rollercoaster of emotions that is art licensing. That one was SO God's timing, I tell ya. 

I knew that stalking #homegoodshappy on Instagram would pay off. And I did some SERIOUS stalking. 

If you skipped the link up there...THIS = this...

That's my "shine" piece in the upper right corner, and that lovely blogger purchased it at HomeGoods! So if you missed my news on every other possible social media platform, I'm super excited to be able to announce This Girl's Doodles is available at HomeGoods!

I'm not sure which stores are carrying my pieces but hopefully they will be available across the country. The closest store to us is about an hour away so I haven't been able to do any checking myself. 

If you happen to be at your local HomeGoods and see one of my pieces, snap a photo of it and share it on Instagram or Twitter with #thisgirlsdoodleshomegoods and tag me! 

I would 

Not that I don't already love you. But you know that, right? Right.

So although things have been crazy, they are mostly crazy good and for that I'm so, so thankful. 

Oh! And I'm working on a fun March freebie for my email list subscribers, so if you haven't already, head on over to my home page and sign up to get This Girl's Life in your inbox!


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