Tuesday, March 17, 2015

{life lessons from Lego Movie}

So you may not have seen Lego Movie, but I think all of us can relate to the quote above, credited to the ever-happy Uni-Kitty...

Yep...a unicorn/cat. Can you think of anything happier?

My son Landon's favorite book right now is based on the movie, and is called "Emmet's Guide to Being Awesome".  It is equal parts funny and inspiring, teaching kids that they are unique and awesome just how they are.

Pretty much one of the best lessons to teach children, and one we need to be reminded of as adults as well, right?

YOU are awesome, my friend. And in order to share our best awesome-ness with the world, we need to cling to our good ideas and thoughts.

Any idea is a good idea, except the not-happy ones. Tweet this 

For example:

I'm a good mother. <<< good idea.
It is selfish of me to want time to myself. <<< not-happy idea
I should go get myself a coffee. <<< good idea
I look fat in these pants. <<< not-happy idea

You get the point.

Of course we're going to have not-happy days, but we can still do our best to fill them with good and happy ideas.

So thanks Lego Movie for this life lesson, and here's to lots and lots of good ideas!


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