Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Good morning friends!

First of all, if you haven't read my last post, I shared all the info on a super fabulous Mother's Day Etsy print sale. So head over there after you read this, ok?  

Last night I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across @elleluna and her ‪#‎the100dayproject‬ which begins today. 

It reminded me of a lettering project idea that came to me a few months ago. One where I do a handlettered illustration of quotes you submit to me! Your feelings, your secrets, your truths...anything you want to share! 

So for the next 100 days (fingers and toes crossed I can keep up with it!) I'm going to letter one of your submissions each day. That means I need your help! Send me your words...preferably 10 or shorter, and I'll illustrate it!

Your quote can be as honest, raw, silly, etc. as you need it to be. It can also be a quote from someone else but I'll need to know who to attribute it to. You can leave it in the comments here, or if you want it to be anonymous, email it to me at mandybeth01@hotmail.com. 

I really hope this project will be freeing for all of us! Follow along each day on my Instagram @mandyfordart or #100daysofyourtruth!


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