Sunday, June 04, 2017

Lovely Things

You guys. I'm feeling really blissed out after this weekend. 

It has been a lovely mix of crazy big art dream time and super sweet and fun family time.

On Saturday morning, I enjoyed a bit of quiet coffee time before the rest of the house was up...

And then I welcomed a new friend into our house to film two drawing classes for me. 

The classes will be online with Big Picture Classes, which is a subscription class site for the creative and crafty.

I'm OVER THE MOON about being invited to teach for them. I've been pinching myself over the entire thing. 

And then when they said they were going to send their guy to film me?! Who's life is this?

I mean look at his awesome set up there right on my little art table. 

I'm not gonna lie...I was SUPER anxious about this whole shebang.

But Joe, their videographer, was so sweet and encouraging and made the whole process SO much easier than I expected it to be. 

AND we bonded over a mutual love for all things You've Got Mail. I mean...what are the odds? I told him that I have always secretly wanted to be Kathleen Kelly, who he said is the perfect mix of organized and whimsical. Yep...maybe that's why I want to be just like her. 

I can't wait to share more about these classes with you once the teasers are up online and they are ready for registration. I hope you all love them! 

Today we had a slow morning and I got in some pattern making time...

This week's challenge for my Pattern Camp group was Mexican folk art, so these are my take on folk art flowers. Had a lot of fun with these!

We also took the boys to see the new Captain Underpants movie. So funny and the perfect 9 year old boy movie. I had more fun watching the boys' faces as they reacted to the movie than watching the big screen! 

This was certainly a weekend for my highlight reel, and I'm so thankful for the balance of exciting out-of-my-comfortable-box things and relaxing family time. 

Nothing keeps you in check like some good poop jokes after your class filming debut! ;)

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend friends!


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