Tuesday, January 02, 2018

One Little Word 2018

Can you believe it is time for a new year and a new one little word?

I've been choosing a word since 2012, and looking back on each year's post about my words and why I chose them is such a crazy trip. The things I talk about wanting and moving toward have slowly been taking shape over the past 5 years, and just like last year's word, it has literally been like magic

When I started to think about what word I would choose for 2018, it was pretty darn clear that whatever I chose needed to move me toward caring for myself in a way I hadn’t been the last few months of 2017.

I personally had a year of wonderfully surprising victories, and at the same time felt weary over and over again with the state of our country and the world. Such a strange space to find yourself in - that mix of joy and grief.

2017 was amazing for my growing art career, but that growth meant I found myself filling every minute of my spare time with to-do’s and hardly any white space. 

I signed with my art agent, Pink Light Studio, in October, and that was when things really kicked into high gear. I spent that first month overcome with a mix of joy and intense anxiety as I figured everything out. 

If I can be completely honest, it was around then that I started experiencing panic attacks in a new and terrifying form of chest pains...a sign that I needed to take more time to slow down, breathe deeply, and give myself more margin and some extra grace as I traveled along this new learning curve. 

So in 2018 I’m going to allow myself time to rest, to dream, to explore, and to take more deep breaths. (And I'm very relieved and happy to say I'm slowly getting the hang of this art agent thing!)

My word for 2018 is BALANCE.

I am full with giddy anticipation for what this year has in store, and I hope you are too. 2018 is going to be a good one friends. 

If you are choosing a word for your year, I would love to hear about it!

Oh, and instead of ordering my word on a piece of jewelry this year, I got this. SO excited to find a perfect spot for it in the house. 

To a year full of good things!


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