Friday, January 26, 2018

New Printable!

Hello friends! Happy Friday!

Oh my goodness are you as glad as I am that the weekend is here??

I've been busy over here drawing all sorts of fun Valentine's Day goodies to share with you for my newest printable set, which I added to my Etsy shop today! 

If you love February and Valentine's Day, I think you are going to love this set as much as I do. I mean, there are letter boards AND vintage typewriters. SO fun!
This set includes:

*Two patterned papers
*Six letterboard stickers (LOVE these!) including four blanks to personalize 
*Four journaling/quote cards
*Nine bullet point/list stickers
*Three tabs
*Six banners
*Six "coffee date" stickers
*Six "remember" stickers
*Two ridiculously adorable typewriters
*Three washi strips
*Three scallop strips
*Over twenty other stickers/images

I used it in my Happy Planner for my February monthly spread...

I can't wait to use it throughout the month too! That's the great thing about buying can re-print the pages/images you want to use more than once! 

I don't know about you, but I think I need about 10 copies of that "treat yo self" sticker. 

You can check out the entire set and purchase it here!

I'm also sharing more peeks into how I'm using my planner over on Instagram...come hang out with me over there


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