Saturday, February 24, 2018

Living the Hygge Life

I finished my third book of 2018!

And I have A LOT to say about this one.

Holy heck do I have a lot to say.

First thing I have to say is HOOGA.

That's right - you pronounce it "hoo-ga" not "higgy" like I had been saying it in my mind for about a month.

Have you ever tried to switch up how you're pronouncing a word in you brain? Not the easiest thing. But after about a month of saying it correctly I think I'm about 85% there.

I don't have everything I want to say about this book formulated in my brain yet, but I know it will be more than one blog post. Probably multiple posts.

Because I am in absolute love with HYGGE.

So much that I started a Pinterest board.

I know this term has risen to Instagram and Pinterest fame here in the US recently, and has, dare we say, become a trend? I'm sure the Danish find that somewhat annoying considering the bulk of US culture is anything but hygge. (But we can talk about that later.)

I will say that I am not in love with hygge because it has become trendy. In fact I tend to go the opposite direction of trends in general.

The whole concept and feeling of hygge is something I was already working on integrating into my life without realizing there was a word for it.  

Everything in this photos oozes hygge to me...the soft, cozy rug, my favorite comfy shoes, and my arts supplies!

Hygge is about comfort, togetherness, feeling cozy, warm, and cared for. 

Oh, and lots of coffee and candles.

So basically my dream life. 

But not to trivialize is so much more than a cute mug full of caramel flavored coffee and a burning candle. 

It is a complete lifestyle revolving around living, what the kids say these days, your "best life." 

It is about happiness and what truly matters. 

So I'll be back later for more on everything hygge, but for now I think I'll sip my coffee and add some more inspiration to my Pinterest boardCome hang out over there and be inspired with me!

Hope you have a cozy, happy Saturday!


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