Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Countdown to 28...

So I'll be 28 on Sunday...28!!! Am I the only one that doesn't feel like I should be allowed to be 28? 30 is only 2 years away and that is even more wrong! honor of the passing of my 27th are a few things that I would like to accomplish before I'm 30...

Become a Mom...that is #1 for sure!

See Dan get a new job and build back his self-confidence (OK, this isn't a personal goal, but when your husband is unhappy, you are too!)

Continue to grow with my scrapbooking and possibly make a couple manufacturer DT's. (I would love to be on a bunch of DT's, but working full time really makes it hard for me)

Move on to another job that better fits my creative nature...sitting at a desk 40 hours a week really bites!

Work on cultivating friendships so I have at least one great girlfriend

Keep up my figure...maybe lose a few pounds, but at least stay the same size as I am now

OK...that's all I can think of now. What are/were your goals that you want to reach at 30, 40, etc???


Valerie said...

Love that top you bought, super cute!! Happy early birthday!! 28, wow, you know I'm 27, and 30 is only so far away for me too..what do I want to accomplish for sure, become a mom, need to enjoy married life a bit the top of my head that was all I could think of..

Jen said...

Happy early Brithday! 28 is young. Trust me :)
It's funny that your should post about this though. I put a LO on my blog today about stalling my age and sticking with 29 for a few more years!

melissa said...

great goals! and happy early birthday :)


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